bunn (bunn) wrote,

Random riverside photos

Brythen on the lookout for ducks.

Rosie Roo walked past fields and fields of sheep with young lambs and was terribly, terribly good.  So good in fact, that I stopped focussing my entire brain on her, and took some photos.

This was a mistake.  Very shortly after this photo, she couldn't hold the excitement any more, but raced down the bank and bounced excitedly at the lambs.  I suppose I'm lucky she didn't jump the fence or take off and run far.  But she had to go back on the lead.

Yes, it's the 'Who's Queen?' face again.  And the Just Gormless one, who none the less knows that Lambs are Not Allowed.

These daffodils  are so near the water, I think the bulbs may have washed down on a high tide.


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