bunn (bunn) wrote,

A Difference of Opinion ( Lewis fanart for Smallfandombang)

Read the story here : A Difference of Opinion (AO3) by thesmallhobbit


These three charcoal portraits were interesting to draw, mostly because of how very much easier it was to get a likeness of Hathaway than it was to get a likeness of Lewis. You'd think Lewis would be distinctive: he's such a familiar face, and he's got such spectacular wrinkles! But it turns out that it's very easy to get him looking like ANY other wrinkly older man. I swear one of my drafts started out looking like William Shatner, spent way too long looking startlingly like a prematurely aged James Brian Mark Purefoy, and ended up as Columbo. Whereas every time I started to draw Hathaway, he looked pretty much like Hathaway and not like anyone else. I conclude from this that Lawrence Fox has a really weird face.
Tags: arty stuff, lewis


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