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Portwrinkle to Downderry to Portwrinkle

 For some reason despite its entertaining name, we had only once been to Portwrinkle.  It was a couple of days after a timber ship had capsized and shed its load, and all I could remember about the place was the people swarming over the rocks like ants, picking up planks and carrying them away.   In theory, anyone who picked up timber was supposed to report it to some authority or other : in practice, it seemed that every garden along the coast got a new shed or deck that year...

Anyway, we thought we'd pop back for a walk.  I had been under the impression that Portwrinkle was not dog friendly, but actually it has free parking until March 15, and only a dogs on leads restriction from Easter to October.  Rosie Roo felt the sand was not ideal for running on.  It was too deep.  So Brythen had to play with Pp instead.


But Brythen talked her into it.

There was another dog on the beach, away in the background somewhere  so Rosie had her muzzle on just in case, although usually she is friendly to small spaniels.

We wandered up the hill, thinking we would go just a little way...
.. and ended up going quite a bit further than we planned.
All the way along the coast path, past the nudist beach and Bass Rock.  We wondered if it was bass, as in sea bass, or bass as in 'an orchestra has been shipwrecked, and this is where the double bass came ashore'.   We looked out for Trombone Rock and Piccolo point, unsuccessfully.
To distant Downderry, a place that always sounds like it should be in Northern Ireland, or possibly the Shire.
We became very faint and weary.  The sign in Portwrinkle said it was two and a half miles to Downderry, but I think that it meant 'if you are a crow'.
Thankfully, when we got to Downderry, a lovely cafe was still open, serving the best fish and chips I've ever had!

The dogs had a burger between them.  Rosie Roo highly approves of being taken out for lunch.

It was my birthday, so I had cake as well. Nom.
Brythen was a little unhappy because there were flowers all around, and buzzing enthusiastically around the creeping rosemary were bumble bees.  Brythen fears bumble bees.  He went all trembly and sad.

And so, we walked aaaaaaaalll the way back to Portwrinkle.  At least the views were worth it.
We saw a heron on the way back, swooping from the river over the cliff  towards the sea.  Possibly it was just knocking off from its job surveying the coast path and making estimates that did not include either back and forth, or up and down... :-D
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