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Sunday Times finds another greyhound killing station: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2087-2361517,00.html

Kudos to the ST for keeping at this: this story was on the front page. It's probably worse than the first one: that was one guy acting as an entrepreneur: this is institutionalised on a massive scale. Quite apart from operating a (legal but disturbing) kill on demand service, I've heard stories about people who have lost their dogs being unable to get them back from this centre because they were (illegally) killed on entry, not kept for the seven-day stay they are supposed to get by law. Also that some trainers handed their dogs in genuinely thinking that they were giving them to a rehoming service rather than that they would be dead within the hour.

Some of you might possibly like to sign this petition: http://www.greyhoundpetition.org/.

I don't normally rate online petitions as useful for much, but if anyone can do something useful with the 'signatures' then the RSPCA are probably best placed to do so.

Am feeling very down just now. I just spent several hours listing dogs on the Oldies club site: practically all of them have some tragic tale, and I'm trying to make them sound all cuddly and adoptable. God knows how the people who have to run good responsible pounds with a put to sleep policy manage to keep at it without going quite mad.
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