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State of the Garden in February

It's been mostly a very mild winter here.  There's quite a lot in flower in the garden, and today was such a lovely sunny day I thought I'd photograph the flowers.

We have this hebe.  It's a tad leggy, because I accidentally bought a taller variety than I had really intended.  But it's all over blossom, which I am sure will be welcome if any early bees venture out.
Periwinkle seems to flower most of the year unless there's actually a thick frost.

These primroses by the garage have been flowering since before Christmas.  They look a little tired and wary, but they are still going!
This camellia has been absolutely covered in flowers this year, not even slightly blighted by frost. I'm really pleased with that little early rhododendron in front of it, which I bought to match the pale yellow of the primroses, which flower around the same time: you can see one down there in the grass, looking up at the primrose-coloured delicate flowers of the rhodo.  Both early this year.


Here are some of the snowdrops I and my mother planted a few years ago.  They are definitely spreading.
Snowdrop closeup!
There are some daffodils that are very nearly there - you can see the yellow on the outside of their petals, but they aren't *quite* open yet.  I think this will be another year where the February Gold daffs don't quite manage to live up to their name, but it does have to be an exceptional year for them to manage it.
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