bunn (bunn) wrote,

Experiment affected by action of record-keeping...?

 Well, having carefully documented the first Six Days of Perdy, the experiment has been derailed by my managing to find a mug generous sighthound lover who has no cats, who was prepared to take Perdy in as a foster dog.

So yesterday I went over to sort out the official home visit and took Perdy with me.  She seemed to like it, so today I took her out for a long walk with new fosterer and her dogs, and then sadly handed her over.  I have to admit it's a lot more relaxing to just be able to wander around the house without worrying about where she is, and I think Rosie will be more relaxed without her too.

Here are two photos of progress on Friday.  Stealing cat biscuits right next to Henning


Yesterday I got back from the home visit and Perdy was able to be calm enough to snooze under the desk while Footie cat was on top of it.

But here you can see why I really thought Perdy would be happier in a cat free home.  She's trying *so* hard here (you can just see Henning behind her on the cat tree, and Footie is nearby too).  But she just doesn't understand, and it's stressing her out that there are these bark-target cats that she's not allowed to yell at, that just don't get *scared* the way cats are supposed to do.  They are weird freaky brave cats! It's just wrong!  

I might have got her there in the end, but honestly, given a good alternative I think she's better off not trying.


I can't decide if Brythen misses her or if he's just a tiny bit relieved to be able to properly relax again...
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