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Dog WIP Day 6 : no photos today

It was a grey old day, very glum and misty, so did not bother with camera. I did remember to give Perdy and Rosie their melatonin (yay!) although was rather disheartened when Perdy then almost immediately had a wild barking fit at a couple of spaniels across the car park. Still, onwards and upwards.

After that though, dog encounters went generally OK. There was the odd bark from Perdy, but I managed to keep both girls in a sit and focussed on me throughout a leisurely chat with a lady accompanying a dog that she described as a 'miniature labradoodle'. She hung about for some time, but both girls were very good, and Brythen was very polite to the doodle. We were rushed by a tiny border terrierish, and Rosie had a grumble at it, but not Perdy, she just ignored it. Well done Perdy.

I let both girls have an offlead run. Rosie was still in a bit of a huff about the existence of Perdy, and she put her nose down and went stomping about here and there among the rabbit holes, ignoring me. But gradually her mood lifted, and she decided I was not so awful, and Perdy was not so awful either - and also, I had cocktail sausages. Perdy's recall remains generally pretty good, although at one point we met a GSD-ish sort of dog that wanted to play. She was a little too full-on with him, and a bit reluctant to come back to me. But she did come in the end, and I expect the social practice was good for her. She was much less manic with Brythen today, so possibly yesterday's mad looning was partly down to the fact she's not had offlead time for ages.

Several visits to practice sit-stay-watch-me in front of the cats went well. When I went in to see the cats without Perdy, rather than sitting the other side of the door waiting to hear mewing and then barking like a loon when she did, she simply retired upstairs to bed.

Perdy seems to be more or less ignoring Henning and Yama Bungle now, but is still likely to react to Footie. I think this is because Footie is by far the most vocal of the cats, and also the one that has tried to make a bee-line for her. Pp thinks it's because he's so obviously old and slow and wobbly, so easy meat. Who knows?

I was pleased that she was able to lie down and look genuinely relaxed while I drank tea in the dining room, despite the proximity of cats not far away. I'm fairly sure she now counts as the dog who has been most reactive to cats of any that I've fostered so far. Her reaction to them is strange: it's not really like a hunting reaction. It's just a manic outburst of uncontrolled lunging and barking, most unpredatory. I wonder if she has been shut up somewhere where she could see cats teasing her, but not get at them, or something like that.

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