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Dog WIP Day 4

Mixed results today.

Morning walk a bit disastrous. Perdy decided to bark furiously at several dogs we met, ably supported and encouraged by Rosie Roo. For the last few days Perdie's dog manners had been excellent, so not sure what that's all about, but I am wondering if it's frustration at too much lead walking: first dog was bouncing on end of lead, second was collie approaching at speed next to bicycle, was this all just too much?   Third was well behaved party of labradors, but there were quite a lot of them.

 Too busy holding on to embarrassingly-snarling lurchers to take photos, so here is well behaved Perdy by the river instead.


It occurred to me afterwards that yesterday I gave Rosie and Perdy some melatonin pills before taking them out to walk and meet other dogs, and today I didn't.   Some people say melatonin supplements can improve confidence and help dogs relax, so I'm trying it out on them both.  Maybe it actually works??? Worth trying again.

Made some progress with practicing 'sit' in the living room.  Henning is up behind her, and she's looking at Yama Bungle cat behind me.

She was interested enough in Rosie's scorned breakfast to try to eat it through the muzzle even though Footie was behind her shouting!  This is progress.
Sit practice without cats, but with cheese and chopped Peperami.  Rosie is quite sure she is doing it BEST.

On the theory that the dog reactivity might be partially frustration, I let Perdy have a run in the fields this evening.  I tried her offlead with Rosie at first, because she quite obviously got very frustrated when Rosie and Brythen were running together a couple of days ago, but she plays too rough for Rosie, and Rosie took offence at being leapt on,  started retaliating and got way too serious.  I had to stop them in a hurry.  At least they did knock it off when I told them.

 Brythen is a bit more able to withstand being hunted, bodyslammed and Rarred at, but even he thought Perdy was a tad rowdy after a while.  I think they may work it out with practice though.

 I kept the longline on Perdy, but didn't hold the end, and kept Rosie on lead.  It was a bit worrying that Perdy might wrap the trailing rope around herself or Brythen, but I didn't want to risk her leaping a hedge.  At least with the longline on it would be bound to catch on something and stop her before she got too far.   In fact, her recall was excellent, and she ran and ran and ran round and around the field. Lovely to see, she hasn't been allowed offlead for months, I believe.

This evening she was calm enough to spend some time downstairs with us watching TV (onlead and muzzled naturally), although as you can see, she's looking a bit tense.  She couldn't cope when Yama started sneezing, and became hysterical, barking wildly so we had to leave.  Still, this is progress of a sort?

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