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Dog WIP Day 3

I have just checked my LJ about Duke, who I think of as my most awkward dog to introduce to cats to date.  It looks like it took about 5 days for him to stop lunging and barking at cats, and about 2 weeks before I could safely let him off lead in their presence.  This is Perdy Day 3.   Come ooooon Perdy!

This morning I left her in the hall while I fed the cats. There was a *lot* of maniacal barking and scrabbling and a certain amount of tragic wailing.   She really doesn't like me leaving her on her own and being able to hear cats the other side of the door.  I think I'll try shutting her upstairs tomorrow morning so I can cat feed, she won't be able to hear so much from up there.  Life is made more complicated by Rosie Roo, who is adamant she wants to sit downstairs on her sofa in the sun with her cats, and thinks I should be there to attend to her whims.

I tried Perdy wearing Rosie's spare lightweight lurcher racing muzzle, which is a bit wider in the face and feels lighter, so it's easier to get on and off.   I'm still amazed by how fast Perdy has adapted to muzzle-wearing (compared to Rosie, who is still a bit reluctant after months of practice).

 Things were going OK...

until Yama Bungle decided he wanted to go through the kitchen, ignoring the yelling dog.  Then everything went very pearshaped and there was a lot of barking.  I think when we got back from our morning walk I should have taken her quietly upstairs and waited for her to relax, rather than hoping to be able to take her into the kitchen with me to grab a coffee. .

On the plus side, she has met quite a few dogs today, and no problems with those at all, even with small ones.    And she had a lovely play with Brythen, although I'm not sure the photos get across how much they were both enjoying it...
No no, honestly, they are enjoying it, it's not a dogfight she says unconvincingly.

Pp's foster dog review is typically short and uncomplimentary: 'klaxon on legs' he says. 
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