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I am watching an episode of 'Lewis' in which a very smarmy young fantasy author (who may or may not have dunnit) is attempting to walk in the shoes of the Inklings.  It's all about fantasy worlds.  I like it!

Amused though to find that I still have an automatic reaction to seeing piles of Oxford bicycles on bike-stands,which is to immediately lose focus on the plot and peer hopefully at them all.  I am still, it seems,  looking for the late lamented Geraldine, my very old heavy black bike which was stolen in Oxford and that I never got back again.   I suppose she may still be out there somewhere, but one thing is for sure, if I DID spot her in an episode of 'Lewis' it isn't going to help me get her back now.  Also, the thought of trying to ride her across the Cornish hills makes my bum ache. 


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25th Jan, 2015 00:28 (UTC)
I enjoy Lewis. That was a good episode.
25th Jan, 2015 09:19 (UTC)
I was a bit disappointed by the end, because it did kind of turn out that the various snarky anti-fantasy dons were right and the fantasy-lovers were mostly a tad strange and twisted, which frankly seems like it's completely the wrong way round to me.

Also if the writers of Lewis think they aren't writing fantasy they can explain to me why a Bosnian bartender has a key to walk to Cowley through Magdalen rather than going over well-lit Magdalen bridge like a normal person.

But that was an excellent death. Really could not have been more ridiculously OTT Oxfordy. :-D
25th Jan, 2015 09:26 (UTC)
I thought that too.

I've never been to Oxford.
25th Jan, 2015 11:47 (UTC)
So you believe that your former couch turned up in Being Human. You regularly scour the TV screens for your former bike. Are there any other former possessions of yours that you have seen, or expect to see, on TV? Is TV-land a little bit like Heaven, for secondhand items? :-P
25th Jan, 2015 13:30 (UTC)
Regularly scour is too strong : I don't think I've watched an episode of Lewis in years, and probably wouldn't have watched this one if it hadn't hooked me with Tolkien references.

But I was amused that my eyes automatically started riffling through the bikes on the bike-racks in the manner that they used to do when Geraldine first went AWOL. :-D

I'm not sure I have any other vanished possessions distinctive enough to be recognisable in TV Object Heaven, but who knows. I' m now trying to remember the reg. no. of my original D-reg Austin Metro - just in case - although given that it was sold as an MOT failure back in the 90's (and frankly something of a dismal failure as a car from birth), surely it cannot still be running!
25th Jan, 2015 13:32 (UTC)
Thinking on, I suppose there is my icon car. It was my Mum's back in the 70's. If I ever see a butter-cup yellow Karmann Ghia on the telly, I'm definitely going to be tempted to greet it with glad cries.
25th Jan, 2015 17:27 (UTC)
I've just rewatched Being Human, and I kept getting distracted by trying to remember if it was the Bristol-based couch that you claimed, or the one they sat on after moving to Wales. "Move aside, angst-ridden vampire!" I kept on shouting silently. "Angst, angst, angst. Blah blah blah. I just need to peer at what you're sitting on, so I can decide if looks like the sort of couch that Bunn (or was it a Bunn family?) might once have owned!" :-D
25th Jan, 2015 18:26 (UTC)
This one!

I'm almost sure this is the one my Mum sold when she last moved house: she still has the matching two-seater and armchair...

Obviously you'd be able to admire it better if we could remove the annoying vampire and werewolf. :-D
25th Jan, 2015 23:57 (UTC)
I don't wish to upset you about Geraldine but if stolen it seems most likely by a twit rather than the 'pro' students' bikes thief based on your description. Na'Lon had her Hercules 'nicked' (sort of in) '95 as some berks thought it a jolly jape to take a locked bike (but not locked to anything) from outside the Woodstock Rd end house of St Huges and leave it 20 yds down the road when they realised how heavy it was. So Geraldine may either have ended up dumped in an alley or in a river. In which case if found by the police and unclaimed will have been auctioned off at some later point. So she may well have been turned into whatever scrap metal ends up as.
26th Jan, 2015 08:02 (UTC)
I bought the bike that succeeded Geraldine from the Police Unclaimed Bike shop. Actually, I think I may even have bought Geraldine there too. ISTR it was by far the cheapest place to buy a bike in Oxford.

She definitely wasn't handed in to the police while I was still in Oxford, cos I used to go and check from time to time, but she may well have gone in the river, given that I never spotted her again. I would guess she was stolen by someone who just wanted a ride home, or someone who was just pissed. Given her weight and only having one gear, I can't see her being stolen by anyone hoping to make much of a profit selling her!
26th Jan, 2015 11:34 (UTC)
... actually, thinking about it, the fact that she looked like she was made in about 1925 out of girders may well mean that when she was stolen from me, it was not the first time.

Maybe some aging graduate discovered her in a heap of bikes, identified her as their lost bike from 1987 or 1963, and made off with her righteously. :-D

My next bike was much lighter and had gears, so I can't really complain too much.
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