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Brythen in the mist


I took a longish walk this morning, through the misty woods: blue skies overhead and sunbeams slanting through the trees, and great clouds of river-mist lying in the combes.  We walked right past this roe deer, which stood quietly watching them from an all-too-close vantage point on the hillside. Perhaps she knew that there was no breeze to take her scent over in their direction or perhaps she just realised that her chances of getting away by running were poor. Roe are not at all fast deer, but to my relief the hounds showed no signs of knowing she was there.

In a first for him, Brythen caught a grey squirrel.  I'm loathe to muzzle him because he's not exactly a talented hunter, but I hope he won't make a habit of it.

He had lost his eagle bell (again!) a couple of days ago, so as I had one falcon bell and one eagle bell left, I belled both dogs.  Both of them were very good today, and didn't vanish even for a short while.  Generally there does seem to be some correlation between wearing a bell and improved hound behaviour.  I'm not sure if the tinkling stops them being so focussed on the chase, or if it just warns off some of the wildlife.  No such luck for the squirrel though.

Then I made cinnamon and walnut biscuits, and my mother came over for tea and biscuits, while Pp painted enormous hordes of tiny 6mm soldiers.
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