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Brythen in the mist


I took a longish walk this morning, through the misty woods: blue skies overhead and sunbeams slanting through the trees, and great clouds of river-mist lying in the combes.  We walked right past this roe deer, which stood quietly watching them from an all-too-close vantage point on the hillside. Perhaps she knew that there was no breeze to take her scent over in their direction or perhaps she just realised that her chances of getting away by running were poor. Roe are not at all fast deer, but to my relief the hounds showed no signs of knowing she was there.

In a first for him, Brythen caught a grey squirrel.  I'm loathe to muzzle him because he's not exactly a talented hunter, but I hope he won't make a habit of it.

He had lost his eagle bell (again!) a couple of days ago, so as I had one falcon bell and one eagle bell left, I belled both dogs.  Both of them were very good today, and didn't vanish even for a short while.  Generally there does seem to be some correlation between wearing a bell and improved hound behaviour.  I'm not sure if the tinkling stops them being so focussed on the chase, or if it just warns off some of the wildlife.  No such luck for the squirrel though.

Then I made cinnamon and walnut biscuits, and my mother came over for tea and biscuits, while Pp painted enormous hordes of tiny 6mm soldiers.


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17th Jan, 2015 20:12 (UTC)
What a superb photograph that first shot is. Congratulations!
18th Jan, 2015 08:38 (UTC)
Thank you! 99% being in the right place at the right time...
17th Jan, 2015 21:00 (UTC)
Beautiful picture!
18th Jan, 2015 08:38 (UTC)
Thank you!
17th Jan, 2015 21:06 (UTC)
I love the Brythen shot
18th Jan, 2015 08:43 (UTC)
I suppose it demonstrates that the new camera may be something of an indulgence since this one does pretty well when I remember to take it with me... But then, Pp really *does* need that camera for the Shop on the Borderlands.

I feel the actual borderlands we live in are prettier than the metaphorical ones where the Shop is located.
18th Jan, 2015 08:45 (UTC)
It may be something of an indulgence, but there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. We are all allowed a bit of a treat from time to time. And who knows, maybe the new camera will do even better (if only because, being so light, you might have it with you more often).
18th Jan, 2015 14:23 (UTC)
Very true on both points! If the new system is pocketable with the kit lens, that would be a major plus. Although admittedly my pockets are usually full of 999 other things, so I'll probably still hang it round my neck...
18th Jan, 2015 03:16 (UTC)
Love the first photo!
18th Jan, 2015 08:44 (UTC)
Thank you! The light was fantastic that morning.
18th Jan, 2015 05:06 (UTC)
That first photo is stunning. Hauntingly beautiful.
18th Jan, 2015 08:44 (UTC)
It's wonderful how the mist makes layers like that with the sun through it. I was lucky to catch it.
18th Jan, 2015 13:47 (UTC)
I thought I could google and figure it out but nah--what is the difference between a falcon bell and an eagle bell??
18th Jan, 2015 14:25 (UTC)
Just weight and sound really. Eagle bells are a bit bigger so have a deeper note. In theory I should be able to tell them apart without seeing them from the note, although in practice the way the sound bounces off rocks and trees and changes as a dog charges towards or away, I'd be lucky!
18th Jan, 2015 12:02 (UTC)
Just wanted to be unoriginal and say what a wonderful photo that was - woods really can be spooky places.
18th Jan, 2015 14:26 (UTC)
Thank you! I am not so rolling in positive feedback that I am not happy to get it at all times! :-D
18th Jan, 2015 13:21 (UTC)
I am worried that the second picture will be getting jealous, since so much love is being lavished on its sibling. I fear it might lash out in a jealous, violent rampage. So I'm going to pat the second picture encouragingly on the head and tell it that it's got an almost impressionist, watercoloury feel, and adds a lovely bonus surprise when it reveals the hidden deer on a closer look.

But the first one is quite beautiful. Just don't tell the second one I said that.
18th Jan, 2015 13:52 (UTC)
The play of light is just so powerful and launches the imagination--the story in the first could go in any direction and you expect depth of emotion. The second is more subtle. And you have to look a little longer to puzzle out the tale there

Ok. I have a fever...
18th Jan, 2015 14:32 (UTC)
Yes indeed. Photo 1 gets all the love. But then photo 1 is just art, recording frivolities such as mist and dog - whereas Photo 2 is a serious document recording a sighting of genuine native wildlife. Photo 2 can comfort itself that it is For Science.

I have a soft spot for Photo 2, because I could probably take a lot of Photo 1 fairly easily if I got my act together, whereas unlovely photo 2 is a gift sent by luck and the mysterious deities of wild deer.
18th Jan, 2015 13:47 (UTC)
Winter light can be really magical, it's lovely when you manage to capture it well :)
18th Jan, 2015 17:49 (UTC)
Oh, wow! What an atmospheric shot.

I've been photographing Max's bum sticking out of bushes all morning. Sighthounds are so much photogenic than spaniels...
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