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The Christmas decorations are back in their boxes and almost all the cheese and satsumas have been eaten.

Rosie has decided she likes her fluffy Christmas octopus, and has gone rather silly and playful and keeps running up and honking it.

I have almost finished my Christmas tree woodcarving, only I think I've decided to do a bit more to the surface before I photograph it and pop it in a box.

I've almost finished rewatching season 8 of Stargate SG1, and have remembered why I kind of gave up watching it after this series - although I did enjoy the two part season finale, which I'd completely forgotten, where they time travel back to Ancient Egypt and do ridiculous time-paradoxy things.

I'm also wondering in passing, things such as;
1) why, since Jack O'Neill routinely does his supermarket shopping with a loaded gun tucked down the back of his trousers, accidental shootings in the O'Neill household have been so far limited to one. I'd think he'd have shot a buttock off by now.

2) why are SG1 suddenly wearing vests so much? (Pp's theory is that in the absence of General Hammond, the dress code has gone to pot. My theory is that O'Neill is much less careful than General Hammond about checking that nobody has turned the base thermostat up. Base heating bills have tripled, and Siler has taken up the cultivation of rare hot-planet orchids as a hobby. )

3) why anyone would put a trailer at the start of each DVD in a boxed set, *for the series shown IN the boxed set*. And more importantly, surely anyone who has watched 8 series of Stargate SG1 would find the deep voiceover and series of dramatic action sequences in the trailer completely ludicrous? Maybe it's supposed to be ludicrous. Or maybe - horrifying thought - someone involved with the making of SG1 doesn't realise the genre it is in is not really SF, so much as comedy drama???


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6th Jan, 2015 10:59 (UTC)
I always found those trailers to be pretty ludicrous myself, they could at least have advertised one of the other seasons.

As for the style, there certainly was an audience, particularly in the earlier days, that watched it as an action adventure show. And in any case, they would have had to make it clear that it was a manly show aimed at manly viewers - that's the audience the advertisers always want, after all. (My experience with a number of shows of that era, who freaked out when they realised that their fandom was actually mostly female.)
6th Jan, 2015 22:41 (UTC)
That's one of those things that makes you think 'What DID they think they were watching'???

Mind you, I often think that hearing reported American responses to films : really drives it home how much language is not just words, but the echoes the words make in your head, and so on.

Oh! I forgot I had an SG1 icon.
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