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A long weekend in the mists

A party rallied round at our place, where we proceeded to mill in confusion for almost three days. The milling was broken by the occasional outburst of roleplaying. Our subsidised liner, the Brownie, crashed into a moon (woe). We were rescued by the Army (hurray!) They forced us to wander round an extremely volcanic planet (yow!) and do a spot of mining for them (yawn). The mineral mined was alive (Ooooo!), but we failed to come to any useful conclusions about this, which was a bit sad, as its home planet sounds like it was well worth a visit.

We went to Shelimik instead, where we roleplayed going to the beach. This was much better than really going to the beach would have been, as the weather was extremely damp, and kept raining on me whenever I walked the dogs. On Shelimik, we milled for most of Sunday, before finally working out who had crashed us and why, and causing a vast battle in which a huge number of innocents were horribly slain (Hurray! or Woe! depending on who you were playing).

My character was the youngest, most naive and idealistic of the party by a long way, which may or may not mean something. We did 'rolling up random characters that are as different as possible to the usual ones' which was interesting, though I'm not sure I've really done enough roleplaying, either real or computerised, to have a stereotype yet. My new character was interesting, though she is human, which is, of course, a bit dull.

On Sunday, quite heroic quantities of booze were drunk, and I learned that the word 'quite' should be used with care in transatlantic contexts. Which was quite interesting really. And the Japanese symbol pronounced 'No' got far more attention than it is used to, I imagine.

Az was very stressed by the arrival of new people to begin with, so I was very pleased that by the end he was wandering around quite happily, hopping over those members of the party who were prostrate. He also managed to catch a poor rabbit (badly myxomatosed) on Saturday, which delighted him enormously, even though he didn't know what do to with it once he'd picked it up. It died of fright. I was inspired to book the rabbits in for their myxi boosters (though the vet told me today that really it would have been OK to leave it to January).

The cats had a great time, with much more one on one attention than they usually receive. Mollydog also enjoyed herself, though I think possibly she thought the best bit was when we left to take chainmailmaiden & Bacchus to the station, and she ate a great many bread rolls, which had been rashly left on the diningroom table. They were rather stale by that time though, so no great loss.

I can't decide if the dogs are relieved it's over, or if they think the return to normal life is a bit dull. Either way, we had an attempted reenactment of Mollydog's Greatest Races (with Az playing all the other dogs, and Squeaky Hippo as the rabbit) in the livingroom this evening. Our livingroom is adequate as a place to sit and watch telly, but as a racetrack it's a bit on the small side...

From a couple of things ladyofastolat said, I deduce that she writes her journal with her audience in mind, which is most commendable. I'm afraid I don't. I am writing this largely for my own entertainment, and because my memory is really quite abysmally poor (who were you again?). I'm not locking it because I'm lazy, and also because it's handy to be able to refer to it without typing in yet another damn password.

Should you find it dull, well, that's life. You can safely yawn and bugger off somewhere more interesting. I will not take offence, as I will never know. Isn't the Net great!

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