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I am reading through Ursula Le Guin's Steering the Craft* - which is a sort of coursebook about writing. I thought I would try and actually do some of the exercises, so this is for the first one 'write something gorgeous to be read aloud' using repetition and alliteration.


Blue green endless shifting surging saltway under seething uncertain purple-greyish rain-holders, coloured like emperor's tombs, sodden and swirling, threatening Thor's laughter. Waves are roaring, white sound beating in the ears. Lift and fall, lift and fall, riding green waves like living glass.

Within the wet dark wood-walls, small details: the taste of sea and seaweed, the smell of bodies, heavy soaked wool. Everything soaked and salty, cargo, clothes and hair and sails and beards salt-rimed, itching, tired. Ship is slopping, the bailing endless, we too weary to fear the water or the sound of hooves across the clouds.

Outside, the sea, the storm, the thunder: clean and huge. And now, look out and see! Full of wonder, full of terror; the whale comes!


* for some reason, I can't get into the habit of italicising book titles!  I always put them in single quotes, then think, no, they should be italics and have to change them. Probably because last time I quoted book titles a lot I was still writing with a pen, and you really can't do italics in handwriting.  Or not with my hand writing anyway. 
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