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Dog walk and whinge

The walk:  The sun was shining, and although some of the trees have lost their leaves, there are enough leaves left to make good reflections in the river.  The trees that still have leaves are mostly beech and sweet chestnut, which are both trees with good colour, although there were a few oaks still be-leaved too.

I didn't have a suitable lens to take the bank and reflections all in one photo, so this is two photos glued together, and I've just realised that I didn't crop the right side smooth.  Oh well!  

I've also realised that the lens I did have with me is the one that came with a receipt dated 1985, from a second hand shop.  This means that lens is probably at least 30 years old.  I'm pleased with how well it is doing!

Rosie Roo looking for squirrels.  She isn't quite recovered from her adventure last weekend, and yesterday when she was running with Brythen she suddenly cried and stopped. One of her back legs still seems to be causing problems, so we are back to on lead for a while, much to her disgust.

It is noticeable that Brythen's willingness to come when called is greatly improved by Rosie Roo being on the lead.  When Rosie is offlead, I can see them looking at each other when I call and going:
'Are you going back?'
'Nor me!'.

Cotehele quay looking all reflecty and pretty in the sunlight.

It was a quiet day, and while I was taking this picture and then later as we strolled along the bank under the falling leaves, I could hear a mysterious thumping noise, rather like the sound of oars moving in rowlocks.  But I could see for almost a mile down the river and there were no boats in sight.  I assumed that there must be some machinery at work, hidden in the trees. But when I got over to the far right side of this photo, I finally sighted  a pair of  gig teams, rowing their way back up the river.   I suppose it must be an odd effect of the quiet and the shape of the valley that the sound of oars could be heard so far away.

The whinge:
This was not by any means an energetic walk.  I covered perhaps a little more than two miles at most, and almost entirely on level ground  (Brythen probably travelled about three times as far, at considerable speed).   Yet I got back and felt utterly wiped out : I've done very little today other than clear out my camera card and watch Stargate SG1 (I am re-watching again from the beginning!  I'm just starting series 5.  It is excellent comfort viewing, and I have just got to the bit where Teal's says 'I have heard of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello.'  ).

And I'm all achy.  I do wish this dratted cold would feck off finally and not come back.

Finally, here is an article explaining how to turn Barbie dolls into Weeping Angels.  
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