bunn (bunn) wrote,

Sighthounds are my rollercoasters

This morning, Brythen and Rosie both took off through the woods after, probably, a deer.   I did not see the deer, but squirrels don't go that far or that fast.   A few minutes later, just as I was starting to get really worried, Rosie came limping woefully back to me, filthy dirty and refusing to put one back foot on the floor.

There was no sign at all of Brythen, so I carried 21Kg Rosie all the way up the long, long, long slope from the river through the woods.

Still no sign of Brythen and my shoulders were killing me, so I coaxed Rosie into walking.  She made a face that made it pretty clear that she would be on the phone to the RSPCA shortly, but eventually decided that yes, she could now more or less walk.

We struggled back up to the hill through the village to the house.  Still no Brythen.  By now I was imagining that either the river had carried him away, or a mineshaft had opened and swallowed him.

I returned Rosie to the house, where she plomped decisively into her dog bed with the air of a dog that was not planning to move again today.  I collected Pp and we leaped into the car and charged off in the direction of Brythen's last known location.   It was a slow charge, for the lane in that direction is about 6 inches wider than a car in total, with high granite walls, and very slippy with wet leaves.

 As we went, we made plans: I would walk down and check the mines and the river, while Pp drove to and fro along the lane above and looked out for a dog that might be trying to get back up to the village.

At which point, a certain brindle gentleman appeared, trotting goofily along the lane, ears bouncing, wagging apologetically.

When we got back, Rosie seemed to have forgotten that her leg was terribly injured, and was walking with no problems. Although after all this,  everyone was very tired, and we have skipped the evening walk.

I don't need rollercoasters. Life is way too exciting already. GIVE ME DULL.

I think I'm going to have to restart Brythen's This Will Not Do campaign.  His recall is getting worse and worse again.

Editing on Tuesday to add : dogs to vet today for vaccinations.  Vet had to try four times before she got the vaccine into Rosie Roo, due to screaming, leaping etc.  At least she didn't explode her anal glands this time.
Rosie now weighs 20.1Kg, and Brythen weighs 29.5kg.  Big Boy Brythen. 
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