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The three-cup trick

I'd seen it suggested that a good way of tiring out dogs was to do games with them that exercise the mind rather than the body, and now nightfall is so early, this seemed worth a try.  I thought I would try a simple 3-cup trick this evening.

I plonked myself in front of Brythen with three small dishes and a handful of biscuits, with a cheery cry of 'Right then!'.  Brythen fled upstairs to his bed and hid.   He is such a wuss!

Rosie, surprisingly, proved to be of sterner stuff.   Once she realised that there were BISCUITS under the cups, she was all attention.  Only a little encouragement was needed for her to nose and prod them.

I put a biscuit under the end cup, then took the cup off.  She ate the biscuit.

 Then I did the same thing, but I swapped the cups.  She bopped the end cup with her paw, then tried to turn it over with her long pointy nose.  I turned the cup over so she could see it was empty - and she continued to try to lift it up, convinced the biscuit must be hiding somewhere!

I wonder if she will get better at this.    Maybe I should have started with two cups.


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31st Oct, 2014 18:03 (UTC)
LOL. Oh, Brythen!

I don't think this game would work with spaniels. A spaniel's nose nose would point straight to *Biscuit!* no matter where you put the biscuit.
1st Nov, 2014 08:35 (UTC)
I think pointing straight to Biscuit is how it's *supposed* to work. Although being so foxed by something moving invisibly does possibly explain why Rosie Roo is so easily outwitted by rabbits...
(Deleted comment)
1st Nov, 2014 08:32 (UTC)
Oh Noes! She wants me to use my brain! This will hurt!

1st Nov, 2014 00:49 (UTC)
Clearly, Brythen was the wiser of the two!
1st Nov, 2014 08:36 (UTC)
Well, Rosie did get the biscuits in the end! (although she had to put up with me laughing at her: not sure how she rates self-esteem against Biscuit).
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