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Is there a special word...

for the mindblowing annoyance you feel when an author makes a fictional character do something so mindnumbingly stupid that it would be out of character for a minimally-educated chimpanzee to do that?


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31st Aug, 2006 14:25 (UTC)
... and does this happen especially often in sf? (because that's how it seems to me). We've just been watching Blake's 7, and the characters behave like that ALL THE TIME! ARGH! Neuromancer
31st Aug, 2006 14:59 (UTC)
I suspect there might be more opportunity to do it in SF than most other forms of drama. Though in whodunnits, people are *always* going off to remote places with the almost-certainly-murderer. Or (if a Dumb Sidekick) becoming obsessed with the guilt of someone who is clearly far too shady-looking to be anything but innocent.
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