bunn (bunn) wrote,

Lovely walk today

The hounds and I went down to Cotehele today, to walk along the river.It's that wonderful September weather when the skies are blue, there's a hint of a cool wind, and the river is sparkling.  First we went up a quiet, wooded  track that is not much used, so that Rosie could have a good run.  The hounds vanished in the trees for a couple of minutes, but they soon came back, panting and very pleased with themselves.  They had hunted the squirrels as unsuccessfully as you might expect, given that the squirrels are confusingly many, running in all directions and at least 15 feet above the ground.

We sighted one spaniel, silhouetted in a sunbeam among the beech trees.  But instead of hurtling towards it and then panicking when she got there, Rosie came and told me about it and then we admired the spaniel from a distance until it went away.  Hurray!

Then we went down to the little weir that feeds the leat for the waterwheel.  In midsummer the weir on a busy path, but now the holiday-makers have mostly gone home, it is quiet - only a few of the more energetic National Trust visitors go far enough along the stream far enough to reach it.    I took Rosie's muzzle off, and put her on the longline instead, as she felt she had done enough running about, and was busily rubbing the muzzle on my leg to make the point that she would really like to get rid of it now.

We met several dogs on the way back, but all of them were very polite and well behaved, with friendly helpful owners who were happy to greet Brythen (much to his delight) and let Rosie Roo hang back and do her own thing. Perhaps as a result, Rosie was also polite and well behaved, and did not grumble at all!  Well done Rosie.

I didn't take any photos today, but I took a few little bits and pieces of video on another 'good' walk recently, and here it is, just in case anyone other than me is interested. It's comically clear in this that Brythen really can't hold a candle to Rosie on either speed or endurance, she has to slow down to let him keep up.

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