bunn (bunn) wrote,

Expanding dogs

I bought two new dog beds today.   After much agonising over online options, I decided to actually take the dogs to choose beds, so that I could check they would fit.  So, I got the beds off the shelf, and I made the dogs sit in the beds to check that they were the right size.  And I swear, in the shop they WERE the right size.

Now we have got home, both beds appear to be rather too small for the dogs for which they were purchased! I conclude that my dogs are actually larger when they are inside my house.    At present, the nice new bed I bought for Rosie is quite empty, and the big squishy bed I bought for Brythen is occupied by a small and enormously smug Bungle cat.   Both dogs are upstairs on their old beds quaking at the sheer horror of being expected to cope with new beds.

Edited: New theory,dogs contract in size overnight, and then expand again during the day: this morning she came straight down and plopped herself into the bed that she protested was unfeasibly tiny yesterday evening. And there is a clear margin of space all around her!
Tags: dogs, retail therapy, things that make you go hmmm
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