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'Comparable to Tolkien at his best'...

After years of not getting round to it, Polo has finally persuaded me to read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (in an edition proudly blazoned with the 'CtTahb' slogan...) I must confess, I was expecting (and rather hoping) to hate it. I remember dipping into them when I was about 15 and finding them very tedious indeed.

But I must say, now I've almost finished book 2 " The Illearth War", I'm rather warming to it. The writing is a bit limping in places, but how can you not like a book that contains the sentence 'The air contained too much crepuscular lurking'...

The poetry is pretty awful, but alas, that seems to be par for the course for most fantasy. I've been trying to decide if it deliberately shadows LOTR and steals many of its moods, or whether if in 1977 when writing fantasy it was almost impossible not to be overshadowed and warped by LOTR, in the same way that many of the films that came out immediately after the FOTR film had clearly been coloured by it, even when trying not to be. DWJ doesn't, of course, but she observes the phenomenon in Fire & Hemlock...

Covenant is tedious though. Polo thinks he's an anti-hero, but I am not sure I agree. I think he's just a not-hero.

My mother was here over the bank holiday, on a mission to find somewhere to live. She's been in Shirwell 23 years, and has decided that her 70th year is the right time to try something new and different... She was tempted by Minions, which is a tiny village way up on Bodmin moor by the Cheesewring (so loads of good dog-walking), and liked Tavistock (which is an actual town, so counts as something new compared with a village that sadly doesn't even have a shop nowadays).

However, her favorite places were a) Calstock, which is an arty sort of large village with lots of boats, on the Tamar, and b) Seaton and Downderry, which are two beach villages down between Looe and the Rame peninsular. So, she has gone away to have her house valued and find out if she can afford to go live by the sea. It would be a good excuse for lots of beach walking if she did.

The dogs were most distressed to see her go away again. Because we usually meet up to go out for the day or for long walks, they think she is some sort of Walking God who always takes them to new and exciting places. Mollydog actually tried to climb into her bag and go with her. (No, it was not a greyhound-sized bag...)

Mollydog has pretty much recovered from her crash, and is limping no more than normal now. I had been feeling guilty about not having her x-rayed, but I think now it was the right decision. The leg has healed OK, and last time it was x-rayed they said nothing could be done that would not make it worse, so I think the risk of anaesthetising her to do it, with her heart murmur, was too high. I must ask the vet for a formal diagnosis of the severitiy of the murmur: I think it may have got worse recently, as she is perhaps just a tad more likely to cough after exercise than she was.

Az is now totally settled in. He has started to initiate play with Mollydog, which is lovely to see. They both like to nibble the other dog's long neck, and then run off at top speed.

I would like to note that the smell you get when you are mowing the lawn, and you accidentally mow a very old apple that has gone rotten, and also some peppermint, is great. Cidery and minty and grassy all at once.

I'm trying to make a new Christmas card for the Oldies Club. It's really hard to be inspired about Christmas in August...

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