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Dog witterings

Things had been going very well with Rosie Roo recently.  I had taken a step back from introducing her to other dogs, and had been walking her half the time in quiet places where she would not have to deal with other dogs.

Every other day, I'd take her to a place where she would meet dogs, and then on the 'no dogs' days we'd go somewhere quiet and as dogless as possible.  This (or something!) appeared to be helping with Rosie's poor social skills.    Her recall improved, she had started meeting other dogs without grumbling, and I was starting to think that she was almost a reformed character.

Unfortunately, I think I pushed things forward a little too fast.   We met with Molly-the-Pointer, who is a very submissive dog.  Rosie always seems to react badly to shy or submissive dogs, it's as though she feels she can get away with bullying them, so normally I would keep her well away, but on this occasion, Rosie had been really very good for a couple of weeks, and Molly was in a group with a number of other dogs that Rosie knows and gets along with.   I thought there was a good chance that Rosie might be able to get along with Molly-the-pointer this time, so we gave it a go.

This was a bad idea.  Rosie went from standing stiffly over poor Molly-the-pointer, to prodding her repeatedly, to whacking her with her muzzle while growling, to leaping on her and having to be dragged off - while Molly tried desperately to appease her with the best polite cowering.  Oh dear.  And Rosie has since tried to do the same with other dogs she met.  Clearly, she had forgotten just what fun being a complete cowbag can be, and I have allowed her to remember all the fun.  Or maybe she's just feeling a bit grumpier for other reasons - or another thing that might be a factor is that she put up a deer in the woods the other day.  Deer are incredibly exciting, and I'm fairly sure that sent her so nuts with excitement that it took her a while to come down again from the high.

Anyway.  Drat.  Back to onlead most of the time, very carefully-chosen offlead runnings, and no approaching other dogs until we have learned manners...

On the other hand, when I did let her run briefly this morning she played very nicely with Brythen and came back repeatedly and very quickly when I called, about 85% of the time.  I think the recall practice we are doing in the house and garden is having some effect, although she is still pretty hopeless if she gets out of line of sight.  She doesn't seem to connect up whistling and calling with coming back - only if she can see me waving at her (and no, her hearing is excellent - just selective!)

It's still definitely an issue that Brythen really wants to play, so will ambush her if she comes haring back towards me - which puts her off coming back sometimes. Brythen is bigger and can be a bit rough.  But she's been a lot more confident with him recently, and also I think B is getting the hang of me telling him NOT to leap at her.
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