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Walk in the woods

I went past the field with the alpacas, on my way to Devon this morning.   I find alpacas moderately funny animals at the best of times, but these had recently been shaved.   I'm afraid I stood on the footpath and laughed out loud at these, with their mad hair and their tiny necks.   They pulled faces of outrage at me, which just made them funnier.

There's no getting away from it, one of my dogs is a bit more photogenic than the other one.  Poor Brythen, he's such a nice dog.  But not quite so pretty as the Roo.   The spring flowers are long gone and the woods are now green and full of ferns, long dark shadows and sunbeams.

I saw a kingfisher as we crossed the river.  I usually spot kingfishers in winter or spring, when it's easier to see them among the bare branches, but a summer kingfisher is a different thing: I saw him, blindingly glowing green against the slow green-brown river, and I thought 'that almost looks like a kingfisher, but they aren't that bright.  Nothing natural is that bright.'  But he was.  Sadly he flew away into the leaves before I got a chance to take a photo of him.

Looking out from our destination over a cream tea, back along the valley to where we started.
Rosie was very good today: she only failed to come when called once, and after that she came back every time.  She was very good with the border collie at the tea-shop (I put the muzzle on for introductions, just in case) and after a brief and angry cry of 'COME HERE AND I WILL EAT YOUR BORDER COLLIE FACE GRRRRR!!!'  she greeted very nicely and wanted to bounce and play-bow with him.

Brythen was  very good until almost then end, and then he was NOT very good.  He ran off and disappeared for about 15 minutes, and when he came back he was PLASTERED with bright orange mud.   I think he must have fallen into a bog and only extricated himself with difficulty.   Cleaning Brythen is difficult, for he has a terrible fear of hosepipes and towels and will turn into a terrified whirling dervish if either comes near, so I have done my best with kitchen paper and foaming dog shampoo, and I think I'll try and shove him in the pond this evening.
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