bunn (bunn) wrote,

I just like terrible films, OK?

We just watched 'World War Z'. Pp felt that it was 'pretty poor'.

It had:
That moment from 'Father Ted' where Father Ted makes a phonecall to Father Larry Duff, precipitating disaster
Zombies in Jerusalem
The world's toughest small boy.
Zombies Onna Plane
A heroic chihuahua
Fatal diseases that don't give you the runs
Stomach wounds that don't stop you running about
An impromptu amputation
The potential to be viewed as a part of Torchwood canon

Admittedly, it did also have a large number of Characters With Common Sense Failure, which always annoys me in an apocalypse but otherwise, I am struggling to see what's not to like here.

So much thunder rolling today, and it's heavy and airless and hot, for all the flower-scents.  A break in the weather would be welcome. 
Tags: films

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