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The Plumber Cometh!

And he has fixed our dripping tap, after holding forth at length about how unlikely it is that he would be able to find a matching widget to replace the leaky one.   Apparently tap manufacturers each make 40-odd near-identical Tap Widget Inserts, and our tap carried no ID.  And yet, somehow, the million-and-oneth chance that slays the dragon - the Chosen Widget that he brought with him did actually fit!

... eta, it turns out on closer examination that he has put the taps back the wrong way round, so now you push them to make water happen, which is a bit odd. But at least they have stopped leaking!

In other news, when I went to the pet shop the other day, some builders brought in a blue dragonfly that they had found injured, and left it on the counter.  The poor girl manning the till did not know what to do with it. That pet shop does not sell pets at all, only food and toys and beds - and anyway, dragonflies are not pets!

I offered to take it away and let it go beside a stream - I think probably it was dying anyway, but I thought probably it would find it less stressful to die in a quiet spot in the sun, and if it was stunned rather than permanently injured, a pet shop was not the place for it.   So, we wrangled it into a box - it grabbed hold of Pet Shop Girl's finger, at one point, and we had some difficulty getting it to let go, which almost caused her to have a melt-down.  But I told her 'Be Strong!' and she was.

So then we went to my car - me carrying my various purchases, and leading Rosie Roo,  Pet Shop Girl behind me carrying the dragonfly in a box.  But then we were interrupted by the dragon-fly-delivering builder, who demanded a status update on his dragonfly.

We told him our plan, and he said 'I could take it to a stream!'

So we handed the dragonfly box back to him, and disbanded our procession.


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28th Jun, 2014 01:04 (UTC)
I think it's sweet that the builder was so concerned about a dragonfly (although, yes, the assumption that pet supply shops must contain dragonfly doctors is not necessarily sound).
28th Jun, 2014 08:58 (UTC)
Exactly - I think both Pet Shop Girl and I didn't want to crush his touching belief that this one could be somehow fixed up!

The tip of one wing was crumpled, so I'm not sure if that's fixable really, and I'm sure they don't live very long.
28th Jun, 2014 07:38 (UTC)
I have absolutely nothing useful, witty or meaningful to say, but I enjoyed the dragonfly story very much. :-D
28th Jun, 2014 08:59 (UTC)
I told Pp when I got home and he laughed exceedingly and said it was like something out of Camberwick Green.
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