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Some 'viking' graffiti I noticed in a tiny pottery (well, more of a hut with some pots in, if I'm honest.  I love the tile colours.  I think the graffiti commemorates the time that Vikings rowed up the River Tamar, past the pottery hut (although I doubt it was there then.  Though you never know.  It looked medievalish, though not the cement render, obviously) and then up the Tavy, all the way to Tavistock Abbey, which they sacked.  The pottery is on the path to Danescombe Wood - a name I had not previously noticed as Significant.

I've been meaning to watch the new 'Vikings' TV series ever since sineala recommended it, but I didn't get around to it until finally the History channel (never was a TV channel more misnamed!) started showing it in the UK.    My sister (who had seen it in Canada) seemed very sure that I would hate it.  Having watched several episodes, I'm still wondering why she would think that.

Good things about Vikings:
1) there are lots of pretty vikings, and even more pretty ships. I would probably watch a TV show that was just viking ships sailing about the place being awesome.
2) there are embarrassing yet somehow loveable and bungling Saxons.  I love Saxons, although admittedly these are only marginally more Saxony than the Sheepskin Saxonx in Arthur of the Britons.  Why are there not more shows about Saxons???

3) It feels suitably Northern and epic.  I think this is more important than quibbles like 'but the Vikings would have known where Britain was, and also we don't know for sure that they had sunstones, and they didn't have a death penalty, and where exactly is this supposed to BE anyway??'

I am enjoying it. I'm slightly baffled by the threesomes  (it seems to be a thing in this series that Viking couples invite guests to join in), but I suppose they achieve the desired effect of making the point that this is a very different culture.   I liked the 'We don't talk about Ragnarok' thing too.  I must admit my first instinct there was 'wouldn't Athelstan (Saxon monk/slave) know about Ragnarok?' - but then, it's 793 and they just sacked Lindesfarne - Northumbria had been Christian about 166 years on and off.  So maybe he wouldn't. 
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