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Wrestling and Owls

To compensate for having walked Rosie in the woods, I took her to Stoke Climsland Fair - just her, not Brythen, because it was too hot for him. He's much less heatproof than Rosie.  She found it stressful to start with - we went and hung around on the fringes of the dog show, for practice.  She relaxed a bit after she had some of my Victoria Sponge though.    The fair was celebrating the 175th anniversary of their post office.

There was Cornish wrestling.  I've never seen Cornish Wrestling before, although I'd vaguely heard of it.It seems to involve a lot of stomping.  The guy with the mike was trying hard to get people to join in and try wrestling too, but most of the crowd were way too decorous for that.
One of the stalls had owls.  I took a photo of this owl, because it struck me as pleasingly pointy.

Then I realised that Rosie Roo was staring fixedly at the owl, and the owl was staring back.  This is the same owl, after thirty seconds or so of staring.  (We were at a safe distance and behind a fence)

Then I realised that the other owls were starting to join in the staring.  I had to drag Rosie away, fearing that all the owls would swell to an unsustainable size.

All the people, dogs, owls etc left Rosie Roo much more exhausted than a mere few hours squirrelhunting.  She could barely keep her eyes open this evening.
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