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Hot, hot weather.  We walked along the river in the shade, and when I looked at my photos afterwards, I was disturbed to discover this gentleman.    I thought I was just photographing a crumbling old mineworking, but I appear to have inadvertently photographed an angry satyr.


There was a lot of mad dashing about after rabbits and squirrels.

I felt a bit guilty about this, because really Rosie should be out there learning social skills, not racing around with just Brythen chasing squirrels in the secret woods where we never meet anyone. But it was very easy and relaxing and beautiful.

A random enginehouse - this is the space where there was once a waterwheel.  The mines are probably one reason why the secret woods are empty. They look like they are thousands of years old, but in fact, they are barely over a hundred years;  This mine closed in 1908
We were there for some hours, and by the time we were heading home the Big Puppy was hot and tired.  Madam Roo, however, could quite happily have done it all over again.  She has so much stamina!
DSC07753DSC07758 (2)


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14th Jun, 2014 22:55 (UTC)
The penultimate picture seems to show the sun obeying Rosie's command to bow before her majesty.
15th Jun, 2014 07:41 (UTC)
I see you have an accurate grasp of Madam Roo's thinking processes...
15th Jun, 2014 01:09 (UTC)
I think the satyr looks rather like Rolf Harris. Which, depending upon the outcome of the trial, may or may not be appropriate.
15th Jun, 2014 09:34 (UTC)
That was almost satirical.
15th Jun, 2014 07:05 (UTC)
re. the third picture: That's not a dog, that's a kangaroo! :-D
15th Jun, 2014 10:57 (UTC)
It can't all be learning social skills - there must be some squirrel-chasing as well. Now and again.

Lovely shots! And that looks like perfect dog-walking country in hot weather...

I wish we had somewhere like that - our woods are interspersed with heath, which is a)hot and b)full of adders in this weather.
16th Jun, 2014 07:36 (UTC)
In theory I try to practice a regime of intermittent squirrel-chasing and social skills.

In practice, I seem to be quite bad at anticipating where and when flighty humanity will chose to walk its dogs, and even when I set out to find them, often they have gone home for tea or something. Inevitably they all turn up when we are all hot and tired and would really rather just go home.

I saw an adder yesterday! Not in the woods though, up the hill, where it was indeed hot. I am indecisive between dogs on leads where there might be adders, and soddit, if they don't walk on an adder they will probably meet a barbed wire fence or some ancient corrugated iron (or, but one hopes not, a mineshaft).

15th Jun, 2014 19:06 (UTC)
The satyr reminds me of The Old Man of the Mountain, which is sadly no more.

The Secret Woods and especially the mine tunnel remind me of Studio Ghibli movies, especially Spirited Away.
16th Jun, 2014 07:37 (UTC)
I am sad for the Old Man. Looks like he was HUGE!

I don't know Spirited Away, I shall look out for it.
16th Jun, 2014 03:52 (UTC)
Great photo!
16th Jun, 2014 07:37 (UTC)
Thank you!
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