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The Downpour

We have been for a Dartmoor walk. It was sunny and there were fabulous views, and we met some ponies. Then we went to a dog-friendly cafe for lunch. All the time, lovely and sunny. We sat by the canal and admired the ducks.

Then just as we finished our lunch the thunder rolled, and the skies went dark. We got into the car, and the skies opened. I don't think I've ever driven in heavier rain. All the roads were like rivers. We were very glad of our good brakes and 4wd.

Then just as suddenly, it stopped. All the roads were covered in flotsam and jetsam that had been washed out of the hedges. There was a plastic bottle floating in the pond that had formed on top of the bridge over the Tamar. In Gunnislake, we saw a crowd of people standing round a paving stone with a yucca tree in a pot leaning at an angle. The rain had come so fast down the hill that it had filled the drains and forced the pavingslab up and lifted the pot on top as well.

Someone once told me that the car park in Gunnislake was created when some houses were washed away in a flood. I never believed this before, but now I do.

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