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Cheap falconry bells are a foolish economy.  Brythen has ripped off both of the two eagle bells I bought him recently.

Also, the central problem with breakaway collars is that, when caught on a twig, they break away.   (Rosie Roo had a breakaway collar, because Brythen loves to nibble her neck and I am a bit worried that if she wears a collar, he might get himself caught up in it.  But it broke away. Now Rosie Roo is in the nude, apart from when she has her harness on). 



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4th Jun, 2014 13:54 (UTC)
How did you attach the bells? I used to sew them on, but the thread frays; now I use steel rings and haven't lost one since.
4th Jun, 2014 14:06 (UTC)
They were attached using key-ring rings. The original ring is still there, but I've had four bells in succession get torn off it. Usually, the bell just vanishes, but one of them managed to cling on and fall off on the doorstep when we got home, and that one looks like the loop bit on the bottom of the bell has been torn forcibly away from the body of the bell! I don't know how he does it!

I'm guessing you don't cram yourself through so many narrow gaps at quite such insane speed. :-D

4th Jun, 2014 14:12 (UTC)
OK, definitely dodgy bells not dodgy connections then :-)

I could bring some old morris bells along sometime, see if they're better made?
4th Jun, 2014 14:29 (UTC)
That would certainly be worth a try next time you are over here, if you can spare them.

The last bells I bought were these : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falconry-bells-Pair-of-Nickel-Gold-plated-bells-/370308099929?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&hash=item5638152f59

The largest size. But they did not last long!
4th Jun, 2014 14:49 (UTC)
£8 for two bells? Morris ones are about 50p - OK, the really big ones that weigh a pound or two each are a few quid, but those would drag his nose in the mud :-)

Although thinking about it, I think they're held on by a wire loop in a hole, so probably not as robust as the falconry ones with what look like brazed-on loops. But at 50p, at least you can afford to lose them more often :-)

I'll see what I have available. I may have given a load to someone to make up some bell pads, but I'm sure I'll have some spares.
5th Jun, 2014 07:29 (UTC)
Those are cheap ones! Look at these : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-BRITISH-Made-Falconry-Bells-Heavy-Duty-Good-Tone-Hawk-Owl-Eagle-Falcon-/271512615689?pt=UK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET&var=&hash=item3f3769bb09 23 quid!

I fear the wire loop in a hole bells will last approximately a minute, given that even the brazed loops get ripped off. :-( I think that's why the falconry people use the hand-made ones.
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