bunn (bunn) wrote,

Random things done

- dogs to Calstock (where there is a field busy with dog walkers) with big bag of treats.  Dogs behaved enormously well!  Rosie Roo doing an excellent 'look at that' and very calm around other dogs. Hurray!

- Took my Mum out to lunch.  She insisted on paying, so in fact she took me out to lunch. Can't complain.

- Went to a closing-down textile shop, and found an ENORMOUS piece of fabric with a 2meter square coat of arms with giant griffins on it.   Bought it to hang on wall, on the grounds that a large piece of fabric is much more easily cleanable if Yama sneezes on it than a painted wall (our walls are starting to get bald patches in the paint from being steam-cleaned so often, but you can put fabric in the washing machine!)

- am now wondering what purpose people normally put huge pieces of fabric with griffin coats of arms to, that makes it sensible for a small fabric shop to sell such a thing.  Or maybe it isn't sensible.  Maybe that's why the fabric shop was closing down.

- Cat accidents : Henning, peed on one dog bed, one cushion.  On inspection, he is moulting, which always makes him grumpy, so have groomed a small Henning out of the big one, which seemed to cheer him up a lot.   Footie had an accident, also on a dog bed.  Think I am probably going to have to put that down to 'senile old cat' problems.   Upside: dog beds all now sparkly clean and fresh! #

- homecheck for Oldies Club dog.  Fabulous home, gorgeous location, lovely people, almost wish they would adopt me :-D

- Hoovered EVERYTHING and cleaned it.

- hacked at hedge so going through the front gate now no longer requires visitors to carry their own machete.

- long,long walk along the river.   Rosie Roo ignored two dogs beautifully, gobbling livercake like a text-book dog in a Youtube video, then lunged and swore embarrassingly at one dog. Pants.  Brythen joined in.  It's a good job I'm not thin/light, they would have smeared me across the road, 50kg of longlegged muscle hitting the end of the lead at force is hard to hold.   This knocked my confidence slightly, so I kept Rosie back from the next four dogs and just let Brythen greet them (he greets so nicely, I'm sure he has no idea why Rosie is so suspicious of other dogs).  She made sneaky snake-eyes at them from a distance.
Tags: cats, dog training, walks

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