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Evening walk along the Tamar

I'm liking this warm sunny weather, but it's too hot to walk dogs in the daytime.  So, morning walk at 6:50am (there's a morning version of 6:50!  Who knew!) and  evening walk at 8:40pm.   The evening walk:

The morning walk became exciting...when I looked up from poo-picking and saw what I thought was a whippet we know, that had got out and gone for a wander.
- Not to worry, I thought. Rosie Roo is on the lead, and Brythen gets on with everyone.
Then my slow, coffee-deprived morning-mind made an observation.
- That's funny, it thought.
- That whippet has hooves. How unusual.
- That whippet is ... A ROE DEER!!!!

And then Brythen exploded into action and I lost him for about 20 minutes in the woods.   I suppose it is kind of a win that he came back eventually and was not too exhausted and had not got heatstroke or Hyperacute exertional rhabdomyloysis (a heat-related condition to which greyhound-ish dogs, with their huge muscles and giant hearts, are particularly prone).   And there was no sign of blood anywhere, so I don't think he can have caught the deer, PHEW - and he doesn't seem to have been kicked either.   But that is NOT the kind of win we want more of.

This evening, we saw a tawny owl, some pheasants, a lot of rabbits,  a lot of bats, and an absolutely adorable family of fluffy fox cubs. But we did not chase any of them.  Possibly also some little Egrets, but they were Far Away.


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18th May, 2014 00:17 (UTC)
Hahaha! A whippet with hooves! I'm glad the encounter ended well for all concerned.
18th May, 2014 06:33 (UTC)
I am pleased that both Brythen and the whippet-with-hooves survived the encounter.

Edited at 2014-05-18 06:33 (UTC)
18th May, 2014 17:33 (UTC)
Twenty minutes? And each minute an infinity... I know the feeling well.

I'm glad it all ended well from both Brythen and the deer's point of view.

20th May, 2014 07:41 (UTC)
I am spending quite a lot of time at the moment wringing my hands and wailing 'why did I think two young sighthounds was a good idea?? whyyyyyyy?'
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