bunn (bunn) wrote,

Evening walk along the Tamar

I'm liking this warm sunny weather, but it's too hot to walk dogs in the daytime.  So, morning walk at 6:50am (there's a morning version of 6:50!  Who knew!) and  evening walk at 8:40pm.   The evening walk:

The morning walk became exciting...when I looked up from poo-picking and saw what I thought was a whippet we know, that had got out and gone for a wander.
- Not to worry, I thought. Rosie Roo is on the lead, and Brythen gets on with everyone.
Then my slow, coffee-deprived morning-mind made an observation.
- That's funny, it thought.
- That whippet has hooves. How unusual.
- That whippet is ... A ROE DEER!!!!

And then Brythen exploded into action and I lost him for about 20 minutes in the woods.   I suppose it is kind of a win that he came back eventually and was not too exhausted and had not got heatstroke or Hyperacute exertional rhabdomyloysis (a heat-related condition to which greyhound-ish dogs, with their huge muscles and giant hearts, are particularly prone).   And there was no sign of blood anywhere, so I don't think he can have caught the deer, PHEW - and he doesn't seem to have been kicked either.   But that is NOT the kind of win we want more of.

This evening, we saw a tawny owl, some pheasants, a lot of rabbits,  a lot of bats, and an absolutely adorable family of fluffy fox cubs. But we did not chase any of them.  Possibly also some little Egrets, but they were Far Away.
Tags: dogs, tamar valley, wildlife

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