bunn (bunn) wrote,

Riverside walk

 I had too many 'just one' things to sort out this morning, so it was 11.30am by the time I was able to get my act together and take the dogs out.  They aren't really morning people, so they seemed quite happy to not get up early, but I felt guilty so I decided to take them out for lunch.  By  the time we got down to the river it was very sunny, much to the delight of Rosie Roo. She considers Cornwall to be sadly lacking in sun.


But it was a bit hot for Brythen, who is more greyhound and less saluki-sunlover, and was already starting to pant, so we dived into the woods.  It's amazing how much better-behaved they are when it's hot.  They came when I called every time!

Brythen under a tree, Rosie in the sun in the teagarden, waiting for cheese scones.

I think I alarmed a visitor from London with my scruffy old t-shirt, lurchers and very ancient crocs.  She identified me at first glance as a local, looked me up and down, and sternly told her husband to hide their Harrods bag under the table.  :-D
Tags: cornwall, dogs, walks

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