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A few random and disjointed notes

I should have cut this :
This weekend I laid into the garden, and reduced a great deal of foliage to pre-compost. Things now look a good deal clearer and more presentable. Sadly, this does draw attention to the areas that previously looked only mildly out of hand and now look more than a bit shaggy. The pumpkins and squashes are romping away, and now have flat lawn to traverse rather than jungle, and the blackberries are looking very tempting. We have a glut of apples, though only on one of the trees are there fruits that are ripe enough to eat. I think apple chutney beckons again this autumn... Polo has taken a big bag of apples to give away at work, and I have eaten more fresh figs: I am not giving them away yet!

On Monday, Mollydog was having a run, fell over something (own feet, possibly?) and went head over heels. Cue much screaming and trembling. Fortunately, nothing was broken and she managed to limp home. A vet visit was needed: the vet wanted to give her an x ray. I said OK to this to start with - then I realised that they wanted to give her a general anaesthetic to do it. As she has a heart murmur, I was reluctant for what seems to be a fairly minor injury - OK, anaesthetics are safer these days, but there is always some risk. If it were our old Cheshire vet, I'd have gone for it, but I just don't have the same confidence in this vet practice. It probably didn't help that (as we were going in anyway) I took Footie to have his anti-allergy injection at the same time, and they kept getting them muddled up.

One animal is a male cat with a skin complaint: the other is a female greyhound with an injured leg. Surely not hard to tell apart?? Also, I'm not convinced that a general anaesthetic is really necessary for an x ray. I know other people who have had dogs x-rayed without it...

So we have compromised on on-lead walking and painkillers for the time being. The swelling is greatly reduced today, and although her limp is worse than usual, it's not exceptional. I am going to give her a couple of days without painkillers from today: if she seems to be walking OK, she can go offlead again at the weekend.

On my return, I was surprised to see Az was in the garden (gate shut) as I'd left him in the house, and I was sure I'd not shut the gate behind me. I later discovered that Linda next door had spent most of the time I was at the vet repeatedly catching Az and putting him back in the house! It seems that he is able to unlock the front door. He's never done that before - but then he's never been left on his own without Mollydog before either. When I leave them next time, I shall lock the porch as well as the front door: that will fox him!

Yesterday I saw some Roe deer for the first time in the village. Usually we only get red deer here, but these were diddy little ones. I think the dogs would have liked to chase them, but as Mollydog was on lead, I was able to foil that plan before it started.
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