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Bullet Points of Random Things!

- made liver cake.  Not for me (ew!), for the hounds.  Last time I made liver cake, Rosie Roo made a 'this is not food' face at it, but this time she seems quite keen on it.  I deduce she is finally settling in properly.  Also, hair has started to grow on her bare bottom.   This is apparently a sign of relaxation in pointy dogs.

- Made a cake for my mother's birthday - this vegan chocolate cake - which was good. I filled it with coconut-oil frosting, and topped it with hazelnut icing.  I then attempted to write 'Happy' on the top in hazelnuts, but sadly the icing had not set, so when we set off to meet up for dinner, all the hazelnuts danced randomly about the icing and the result was barely discernable as words.  Am not convinced hazelnuts are cut out for font manufacture anyway.  Cake tasted OK, is the main thing, although Pp complained it was a bit coconutty.

- I ate tiny fried squids for the first time.  It made me feel like an Elder God.  Their tiny chilli-fried tentacles were delicious.

- I need to learn about Concrete 5, apparently.  It looks promising from the official website, but then all CMS projects do.  But it is php/MySql, so how hard can it be?

- We took my sister (who is over for a visit from the still-frozen wilds of New Brunswick, Canada, which sounds like a rather dismal place, I must say) out for a long walk around Tavistock, along the canal, all beech leaves and bluebells, and almost didn't lose the hounds at all.  Or not for long anyway.   And they did nothing outrageous and mostly came when called, at least eventually.

- Brythen had a very upset tum, which seemed bad enough to take him to the vet this morning (it's not the first time).  Vet thinks he may have a stomach ulcer :-(  She gave him Zantac and metronidizole and charged me fifty quid. Hum.

- Brythen now weighs 27.8Kg, which  means that he is now officially heavier than Mollydog was.   Rosie Roo weighs 21Kg.  They are the same height, which shows you how long and thin Rosie is, because Brythen is not exactly short and dumpy.

- I took the hounds out for a walk before vet this morning, and managed to drop my phone.  Spent ages combing the hill looking for it, with no luck, woe! woe! woe!  Why did I think I needed a smartphone at all when there is no sodding internet signal anywhere in the valley?? I might as well have bought a 10quid phone, drat me for falling for the hype, etc etc.

- finally gave up and came home to find an answerphone message from a helpful person who had picked my phone up and taken it home for safekeeping.  Hurray!
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