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Three down (Election Leaflets)

Still no leaflets from UKIP, Labour or Mebyon Kernow.  *drums fingers*   There are looooads of UKIP posters to be seen though, and also a lady who drives around with UKIP flags flying on her car, like those flags people have when England is in the World Cup.

We do have a Conservative election leaflet! It agrees with all the other leaflets so far that the EU needs reform.  Really, with such unanimity, you'd think something would have been done about it by now.

The Conservative leaflet, like the LibDem one, seems to be trying to confront UKIP on the ground they would like to hold, (Less immigration!  No benefit tourism! and of course, MORE JOBS! )  This leaflet gets a gold star for being the first one that does not promise things for 'real people'.   It gets a raspberry for using the phrase 'Renewed Respect Abroad' which is a phrase I find baffling but also faintly menacing.

This leaflet is very low on photos, and high on shouty capitalised blue text,which uses the word 'economy' a lot.  There are just two photos: David Cameron with his mouth open, looking oddly as if he is about to hoot like a chimpanzee, and DC with the six candidates 'for the South West and Gibraltar'.  (Gibraltar!  That's South and West with a vengeance! ). Four women, two men, all white.  No children, trains, high-viz, pubs or vegetables,   I'm intrigued that the Conservatives clearly believe their Prime Minister to be a trump card.



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18th May, 2014 15:04 (UTC)
We have now had a leaflet from the Green party, to go with the two earlier ones from the Conservatives.

And Gibraltar isn't as far west as Scilly.
19th May, 2014 17:03 (UTC)
And now the Lib Dems.
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