bunn (bunn) wrote,

Another Election Leaflet!!!

This one is from the Green Party. It is appropriately smaller, thinner and flimsier than the LibDem one, although it shares their view that the EU is a good thing that none the less needs a good deal of reforming and general shoving in the right direction. It makes the proud claim that Green MEPs are uniquely resistant to corporate lobbying! There's also an interesting hint of threat in the headline : A democratic, peaceful Europe - I do like the implication that Other Parties are War Parties.

The whole thing feels very warm and well-intentioned and terribly, terribly middle-class, and I can't decide if it's a sign of legitimate growth or of regrettable cynicism that something that would have hit me right where I lived when I was, say twenty seems oddly self-contradictory and worrying now.

There are only three humans on the leaflet, all white and female, and one of them a child. There are, however, five different types of vegetable, a train and some solar panels.
Tags: politics

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