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Election Leaflets!!!

I love election leaflets. We've just had our first one arrive for the European elections. It's a LibDem one.

According to the leaflet, the LibDems are against Paedophiles and Organised Crime, and for Protecting Local Jobs. They are also in favour of Real Jobs for Real People (not like those fake people that the other parties are all about) and Making the EU Work Better For You. Those are the headline things. From the paragraph text, they also seem to be fans of Big Piles of EU Cash For All.

In subliminal messaging, all the people in the photos are white, and all look over forty. Most are male, although three are women (one lady appears three times! She must be important.) The other two women are Back of a Head, and Face Obscured By Flyer. The LibDem team have a photo of themselves taken with the Britannia Inn in Saltash (that's the one with a giant Union Jack painted across the entire building). They get a gold star for putting my name and full address on the leaflet, all spelt correctly. They clearly enjoy wearing hi vis jackets in either yellow OR orange.

I am looking forward excitedly to the promises of other parties, delivered in digestible leaflet form.



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1st May, 2014 12:12 (UTC)
"Protecting Local Jobs", "Real Jobs for Real People", "all the people in the photos are white", "that's the one with a giant Union Jack painted across the entire building".

1st May, 2014 12:51 (UTC)
I shall be interested to see if other parties materials take a different approach. Possibly the LibDems feel that as their 'brand' generally has an inclusive feel and they are on home territory, they can present themselves in this leaflet in a way that they hope will appeal to potential UKIP voters without risking alienating others?
1st May, 2014 13:02 (UTC)
The only leaflets arriving here you better do not mention - radical right wing.
1st May, 2014 13:20 (UTC)
I am, on the whole, in favour of democracy, and therefore, I feel that I should be in favour of political parties trying to tell me what they are all about, even if they are of a colour I would not naturally be inclined to favour. I'm not sure how effectively leaflets do that, but I don't know of a better medium.
1st May, 2014 13:41 (UTC)
...I don't know if it's good if the only ones who mention themselves on a regular base is the "swastika party".
1st May, 2014 13:48 (UTC)
I think it's bad if you are only getting info from one party. If that one party is an extremist party too, you have to wonder what all the others are up to, and why they are leaving the field clear. :-/ I suppose print content is expensive, bu then that raises the question of why some parties feel they can afford it.
1st May, 2014 14:16 (UTC)
Well, it's not like you don't receive anything of other parties, but compared to the mentioned it's much less. Also, it's very dependent on the election that is made - is it a smaller one or a big one? The far right is as present at smaller elections as at bigger ones, there is no difference in the impression. And it doesn't matter how much they've been talked to be broke.
1st May, 2014 13:49 (UTC)
Ooh! There's a giant Union Jack painted on some enormous hangar doors on the waterfront in East Cowes. (It's the world's largest Union Jack, apparently. But it always make me giggle, ever I misheard it once as "Union Jackdaws". I always call them "Union Jackdaws" now. Nobody ever notices.) But, anyway, I will await with some interest to see if our local LibDems pose in front of these doors, since then it will suggest that Posing In Front Of Ginormous Union Jacks is a Thing, perhaps one commanded by head office. I will imagine LibDems in places less blessed with ginormo flags smiling doggedly in front of Banners of Slightly Bigger Than Average (But Only Just) size, and hoping that it will do.
1st May, 2014 13:57 (UTC)
Union Jackdaws :-D

I'm waiting to see if I get any other parties posed with the Britannia Inn, if perhaps there is a pan-party Ginormoflag Requirement...
1st May, 2014 16:33 (UTC)
No leaflets at all here.
2nd May, 2014 07:58 (UTC)
2nd May, 2014 08:00 (UTC)
But it's okay, because we've got plenty of shredded paper already for Ceridwen to go to sleep on.
2nd May, 2014 08:07 (UTC)
Nobody shares my love of election leaflets. I appear to be a fandom of one.
2nd May, 2014 11:15 (UTC)
Am now imagining election leaflet fanfic. I suspect that this way lies madness, but I can't seem to stop. All you need is a few more people in the fandom, and then there can be factions and epic drama! And, oh, the shipping wars! It's obvious, swears one fan, that Candidate A on Leaflet 1 is wildly in love with Smiling Extra B on Leaflet 2, even though they have no scenes together, and...

I think I should stop now. I am suddenly horribly, horribly afraid that somewhere in the wilds of the internet, election campaign slash fanfic is indeed a thing. I don't dare check.
2nd May, 2014 11:24 (UTC)
I'm sure I've stumbled across US Presidential Campaign Slash...

Prospective LibDem MEP Slash seems less likely, but of course now you've raised the possibility, Rule 34 comes into play. :-D
2nd May, 2014 19:43 (UTC)
Well, there's the kinkmeme at lolitics_meme. :-) No, it's not my fandom, but back in the days just after the election when all of the national newspapers were posting pictures of Cameron and Clegg's Civil Partnership, a lot of people were talking about it. :-)
2nd May, 2014 19:55 (UTC)
I should know better than to follow your links. I have now discovered "The David Laws fan community" and even more alarmingly "The George Osborne squee area" :-DDD
2nd May, 2014 20:20 (UTC)
I think the appropriate response used to be *weg* or wicked evil grin. ;-)
1st May, 2014 17:03 (UTC)
We have so far had a UKIP leaflet, and a Yes one.
2nd May, 2014 08:02 (UTC)
Yes? I'm guessing that's the Independent Scotland one rather than the band, the cooperative magazing or the organic personal lubricant (yes, I googled...)
2nd May, 2014 08:03 (UTC)

Yup, not had a Better Together one yet. Not that it would make much difference...
2nd May, 2014 08:07 (UTC)
Nobody shares my love of election leaflets. I appear to be a fandom of one.
5th May, 2014 18:44 (UTC)
I forgot that a conservative leaflet was waiting for us when we got back from Orkney. Under normal circumstances, I might at least have glanced at it, but there was so much waiting for us that anything less than vital wemt straight in the recycling.
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