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In which we walk to a pub.

First, we went down the hill to Latchley.  At this time of year you can still just about see the sign.   It's a very shiny new sign, but in a few weeks it will be quite invisible.  Mind you, Latchley is not the kind of place where people are likely to go if they don't already know what it's called and how to get there.

They have a library in Latchley.  It used to be a telephone box.   I can't help feeling it must be a bit damp in the winter.

Brythen really, really liked these sheep, and not in the way you'd expect.   He went all happy and did a mad humpy dance.  The sheep were very interested.
 I had to drag him away before it got too weird.

I forgot to take Rosie's muzzle, but there were no other dogs in Greenscoombe wood, and she was being terribly, terribly good and coming back at top speed when called.

She was a bit worried about this place where a couple of trees had come down on the path, but when Brythen led the way, she decided she could wriggle through.  I had to wriggle too.
Brythen... was a bit naughty, as he had got a bit overexcited.  He *did* come back when called, but only after a long, worrying pause.   I think there were squirrels.  Squirrels are *very* exciting.

Rosie Roo posing in a sunbeam and looking like a Faerie dog.  You can see why Brythen needs to wear a red harness and a bell. His camouflage is way too good.

Shortly before we got to Luckett, there was an Unfortunate Incident with a Jack Russell Terrierist.

Rosie has actually being not doing to badly with her other-dog reactiveness - I think she's more relaxed, and most of her reactions now seem like they are frustrated play (because I'm not letting her race up at top Lurcher Speed) rather than nervousness or aggresson, as such.

 But this terrier (offlead - I'd put Rosie on lead and explained to the dog walker that she was nervy and growly) first went right into Rosie's face - which Rosie handled well, greeted calmly - hurray, I thought!  Unfortunately, Terrier then decided to growl and yap at Rosie - Rosie growled back and lunged, while Brythen leaped about madly in excitement -  but no harm was done.

 Then, just as I thought Terrier was moving off, she dashed back in, growling, to have a nip!  At which point Rosie picked the terror up and gave her a good shake, and I can't really blame her.   It's very hard to know how to train for that.  Brythen would always back down or run in that situation, but that's not something I've taught him -  it's just how he is. She did drop the terrier when I shouted, so that's something.

Rosie's doing really well with dogs that come up unannounced into her face, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to get her to react well to dogs that growl and dash at her yapping.  :-/    Terrierist was unharmed (I hope - I asked the dogwalker to check her over, but he did it in a very cursory manner, so I hope he looked properly.)  When I got to the bit where the cars park on that lane, I saw from the van parked there that he was probably a commercial dogwalker, and it probably wasn't even his dog, which no doubt is one reason Terrierist was a bit reluctant to come when called and maybe feeling a bit insecure. Hum.

Even if I'd remembered the muzzle, Rosie doesn't normally wear it when on-lead. There comes a point when you just have to hope that people will be able to stop their growly beasts from  dashing and yapping, I think.  

Anyway, we got to Luckett.

The footpath out of Luckett goes through several fields of sheep and lambs, so I kept a good hold on the hounds.Frankly after seeing Brythens Sheepy Humpy Dance,  earlier, I had no IDEA what he might do if he got loose. :-D

I was  very pleased to see that pointy lump on the skyline.  That's our Sarumanic Quarry.  It looked a decent distance away!

I saw four fritillary butterflies, and an Orange Tip butterfly on my way, but they were very busy and did not wish to be photographed. This heron was more cooperative (or at least, slower to take off).


Finally we got to the river, and crossed the county line into Devon!

We met Pp on the bridge.  He felt the whole 'walking' thing seemed like a lot of effort, so he'd come over in the car to meet us (and admire the view).

No sooner did we arrive in Devon, than we were rushed by a *very* friendly native.  I think she was a young Golden Retriever.  She could not wait to welcome us and show us her tummy.  After the Terrierist incident, I was a bit concerned and kept Rosie at a distance.  But while I was getting drinks in the pub, she appeared again, and since there was only one of him, Pp was unable to stop her flinging herself joyfully upon Rosie and Brythen and smothering them in kisses.

 Thankfully they both took this in the way intended, and there were no ructions, even when Retriever kissed Rosie on the nose.     Looking at this photo, I am wondering if I should have been standing closer ready to intervene, rather than photographing - Rosie does look just a trifle strained.  But she didn't growl or react at all, which has to be a good reaction, particularly after the Terrierist thing.  


Pp, lurking in the shade while the Salukoids sunbathe after their busy morning.  One good thing about Pp coming along in the car was that I didn't have to carry things for the hounds to sit on, or (as so often) lend them my coat to sit on.  For heaven forfend that hounds should sit on hard stone.   Another good thing was that we got to ride home full of lunch, rather than having to walk it off, because we were all a bit warm and sleepy by then.
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