bunn (bunn) wrote,

Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire

Am still kind of excited about the books, and finding out how things work out for Tyrion and Daenerys and Jaime (I like Jaime, even if his name is confusing) and Brienne and Stannis (Stannis is still my favorite!), and whether the whole thing is being secretly orchestrated by a Raven Superintelligence.  Much less excited about the TV series.

I think, for my taste, the whole thing has just gone on way too long, and with far to many long, long pauses during which people are tortured in horrific detail, in ways that do not, to my mind, enhance the plot. It's one thing if the person being tortured is central to the plot, but with Theon Greyjoy, for example, I find myself simultaneously horrified and bored rigid.  It's not a good combination.   I can skip the long, boring, overdetailed torture scenes in the book, but skipping them on the tv is harder.
Tags: a song of ice and fire

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