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Tiger dreams

In last night's dream, the wind blew over the fence of our tiger enclosure and the tigers got out. We lived in an extremely busy city centre, full of bustling people and shops, so this was very bad.  I rushed out to see what was happening, and heard screaming and saw someone being carried away trailing blood from horrible leg wounds.

I felt terribly guilty and rushed back into the house to see what was in the fridge that might be suitable to lure tigers with.  Fortunately, in a previous and more boring dream, I had bought two roast chickens, and they were still in the fridge.   I was a bit worried that the bones inside the roast chickens would hurt the tigers insides, but after all, people were being torn to pieces, so I decided to risk it, and put the roast chickens in my pockets and set out to look for the tigers.  There was no sign of them, and the screaming had subsided a bit, so I took the bus (I can't remember the last time I took a bus when awake.  My awake location is very short on bus services).

A little way down the street, I saw a jewellery shop with a broken window, and tigers moving around inside it: it was a beautiful sight,  brilliantly picked out by the warm evening light under dark purple clouds, with silver necklaces and rings trailing through the broken window which reflected the sunset, and inside, great golden-red tigers strolling about with their fur glinting bright in the sunlight when they passed the window, or shaded dark as they moved further inside the shop.

So, I got off the bus and was distracted by someone who wanted directions.  I suggested to them rather curtly that they might want to move along sharpish, because otherwise they might be eaten by a tiger, and as I was saying this, I felt something plucking at a pocket.  It was one of the tigers, wanting some chicken.  I was a bit worried that he might want to eat me, but fortunately he was tired of eating people and just wanted some chicken and to go home to curl up in bed.

When we got home  (me with three tigers trotting behind, eating bits of chicken on the way), Pp told us that there had been an alien invasion, and it was actually the aliens that had been causing the screaming, wounded people staggering out of buildings, etc, not the tigers at all!  What a relief.

I deduce that my subconscious is really quite worried that stripy Mr Brythen ran off yesterday morning on our walk and took about 15 minutes to come back, and is quite stern about the fact that this was probably because I forgot to take any treats with me.  I don't *think* he ate anyone or raided any jewellery shops though.


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4th Apr, 2014 12:38 (UTC)
Wow. Your subconscious really takes the responsibilities of dog ownership seriously! I love how stripy Brythen is transmuted into tigers who haven't really et anyone...

My subconscious was evidently freaked out by yesterday's yellow fog, and I spent the night wandering through a post-apocalyptic landscape, knee-deep in water. Not very restful, thank you, subconscious.

4th Apr, 2014 23:09 (UTC)
I think that as Brythen became tigers, the local wildlife and livestock became the injured people of the city...

So far as I know, Brythen never *has* menaced livestock, at this time of year I do worry about lambs. He probably wouldn't *mean* to chase them, but if he sneaked through a hedge or under a gate after rabbits, well, anything could happen then :-/
4th Apr, 2014 13:50 (UTC)
I love this dream, and I'm particularly charmed that the roast chickens from the previous dream were still there. Also v. relieved that the tigers didn't eat anyone.
4th Apr, 2014 23:10 (UTC)
It was a great relief to find that the screaming was Not My Fault!
4th Apr, 2014 14:26 (UTC)
I had a dream once about a tiger. In my dream I had called a plumber to fix a leaking sink. When the plumber came he was a tiger. He tried his best to fix the dink. I kept saying 'you are a tiger you know.' He did not seem to get it. He could not really do plumbing because of his paws.
4th Apr, 2014 23:17 (UTC)
He sounds like a very dutiful tiger - plenty of work ethic, even if hampered by a lack of fingers.
(Deleted comment)
4th Apr, 2014 23:16 (UTC)
Well, there were three tigers, and there is only one Brythen, whereas we have three cats. And the one that came and pulled at my pocket for chicken did look very much like a giant Henning (the cat that looks most like Turnbull, although of course he is not a Bungle.)
(Deleted comment)
4th Apr, 2014 23:23 (UTC)
Ah no, only the Bengals are Bungles - partly because the word sounds similar, but also because Bengals are just the clumsiest of cats! Today Yama Bungle was asleep on a desk, for example, and he rolled off it and fell about 3 feet to the floor *without waking up*. Dimwit Bungle.
4th Apr, 2014 14:47 (UTC)
Your subconscious is very creative, what with the chickens and the jewels!

Years ago, when my house was about to be repossessed, I used to dream every night about tigers roaming about downstairs. Fortunately, like daleks, they couldn't climb the stairs, and I was safe hiding in the bedroom!
4th Apr, 2014 23:14 (UTC)
Eek! I think your tigers sound a lot darker and more scary than mine.
4th Apr, 2014 18:04 (UTC)
I firmly agree that a NotMyFault Apocalypse involving the end of ALL THINGS is much better option than a MyFault tiger-related mauling of a few people. :-D

I notice that Dream You failed to learn the lessons of the Corgi Hunt, since you didn't take with you a piece of paper with your phone number on it: "Have you seen my tiger? If you have any limbs left, please phone..."

I'm also impressed by the fact that you can store things up from one dream to the next. Before going to sleep, I think you need to worry hard for a few minutes about your need for a chainsaw/pickaxe/flamethrower/tiger food etc. etc., and hopefully your subconscious will oblige each night, and after a few months, you'll have a fully equipped dream store cupboard, full of everything you might ever need for any dream drama.
4th Apr, 2014 23:13 (UTC)
Hmmm. Good point re piece of paper with phone number! Must put that in my Dream Stash for future dreaming needs...

I have to admit that I was really quite alarmingly delighted that the horribly screaming, blood-gouting people were Not My fault. I don't think I was bothered by their injuries anything like as much as the guilt. Whoops.
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