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Wag & Bone (& fig)

Off to the Wag & Bone show this weekend.  We (the Oldies Club group) stopped over at the Travelodge in Slough: god, what a grim place that is.   Mental note never to stay there again.   I wished I'd camped afterwards: the campsite was right next to the show ground, and looked a lot nicer than the Travelodge, not to mention better ventilated, cheaper and cooler. No shower, I suppose - but it was so roastingly hot I could cheerfully have washed under a standpipe.  In  fact, on the show day, I did go and soak myself under one, it was that hot.  Good thing I'd had the foresight to get a black oldies club t-shirt...  I didn't take Mollydog or Az: it was far too hot for them.

I feel slightly guilty about the event, as I'd talked one of our clients, Initial Ideas, into being our stand sponsors, but we didn't manage to sell much of the stuff they had kindly let us sell on commission on the stand. (Partly because the things were a bit plasticy, but mostly because it was really hot and people weren't really in shopping mode I think).  But we did meet a lot of people and make lots of good contacts.  Today the Mirror phoned our press contact about a story on pound dogs, and I also found out that the mastiff & cats whose details I'd rounded up so we'd have some local animals for a show a couple of weeks back have all been homed!  Excellent!

At the show, I was very tempted by some absolutely stunning greyhound sculptures by Carol Orwin.  They were superb, but as they were all over £100 (for a limited edition clay version) and would have been incredibly fragile to transport, I didn't risk it. It proved to be a good decision not to take my chequebook. :-) 

I had thought of getting Mollydog a new 'everyday' collar, as the one she's wearing now is a bit scuffed and her tapestry and velvet ones aren't really hardwearing enough for everyday.  But the ones I liked best proved to be made by Woofstock from Launceston, so rather than buy one there and then, I decided to pop in some time and get one fitted.

In other news, there are two very nearly ripe figs (and a lot of little green ones) on the tree.  I'm leaving them another couple of days before I eat them as I think really they should turn darker brown and be sweeter than they are now.  Somehow all the squashes seem to have ended up as Spaghetti Square Pyjamas, which is a bit disappointing as I'd hoped I'd ended up with a mixture including some butternuts and pumpkins.  Ah well.

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