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We're going to see the camellias...

But in fact I only got one good photo of a camellia, in the whole National Camellia Collection.  And it was a pink one, which is my least favorite sort: I prefer the dark red ones, or the plain white ones (only the white ones look so manky once they start to turn brown around the edges)

It was a foggy old day on Friday.  Lovely weather all week, and of course my birthday was the one chilly foggy day when the fog didn't lift all day. Oh well, I think this folly actually looked better in the fog.  It sort of blurred the edges between the genuinely old stonework and all the newish bits.

There were still a lot of trees down in the woods (that may look like a giant pipe in the background, but actually it's another folly.  Honestly, at least one Earl of Mount Edgcumbe was seriously obsessed with follies, they are everywhere.

Finding our way through the trees (and random follies)

By the time we were on our way back along the coast, the fog had lifted enough that you could see Drake's island.  Well, more or less, anyway.

Pp and the hounds expressing collectively the sentiment 'stop making us stand about while you take photos, we are tired and want to go to the cafe'  (well, apart from Brythen, who I think has spotted a squirrel).

I made them stand about even longer while I photographed daffodils posing in front of the estuary. I'm so cruel. :-D

We came back through the Historic Gardens (which personally I think are much duller than the rest of the estate).   They really don't want you doing anything that doesn't fit in with their idea of Conduct Becoming In A Historic Garden, here.   We were just speculating on whether someone would pop out and stop you if you tried to play, say, Trivial Pursuit, or I Spy when I spotted this sign had been modified.
Signs like that always make me regret not having brought any paint with me.   I'm not of a naturally graffitti-ish tendency, but honestly, what a rude and nasty way to discourage people from using a garden.  Why does it have to be worded so unpleasantly?

Finally, we made it to the cafe.  It was a bit cool, sitting outside and Rosie Roo began to shiver as I had not brought her coat.  I stole Pp's scarf and tried to rig something up, but she felt it was insufficient, and whistled protestingly through her nose at us.


Luckily, it turned out that the cafe lady was delighted to let us come inside in the warm.  We all had bacon and egg ciabattas, and very nice they were too.
Then yesterday I mowed the lawns!  In March!  And I pruned a couple of the apple trees, which is probably a bit late really, but although the grass is very much awake, the apple trees still seem to be very snoozy, so with a bit of luck I will get away with it.

And today I walked to Luckett and back, which is about five and a half miles, which I consider to be a very healthy walk.
I took a snap of Rosie Roo, but Pp had borrowed my good camera, so none of my photos with Brythen in came out.  He's way too zoomy for a phone camera.   Rosie was very good - we did meet a few dogs, but by dint of strategic quantities of cheese, I got her focussed on me and there was no trouble.
Rosie and the River

This is officially a ford across the Tamar.  I don't think I'd have got the dogs over it, even if I'd been inclined to give it a go myself.  Maybe in the summer.

Tamar Ford
Trees down here too, although I think from the fungus this one must have come down some time before the most recent storms.
Greenscoombe Wood and the Tamar
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