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Finding out what the waves have left

Popped down to Seaton today to see what damage the storms had done, and let the hounds hare about.

The beach cafe (the buildings in the foreground) was very closed, and the river that used to run past it across the beach has moved quite a distance east. The digger had clearly been working on scraping the sand back onto the beach.


Rosie and Brythen by the new river-bed - which was moving West again as we watched!

Rosie looking suspiciously at an intrepid labrador that had dared to cross to 'her' side of the river. Getting her dainty feet wet was not an option, so he was safe!
 In the background, people climbing up the storm-cracked walls to the road.  There was a sign telling people not to go this way, and a few trailing ribbons of police tape - but the sign had been pushed aside and the beach was swarming with trespassers, none of whom died terrible deaths while I was watching, anyway.
We ate at that cafe at the back, which used to have a policy of 'well, you can come in with a dog if you sit in the corner and we don't have any other (more important) guests' - and was therefore largely empty - but has now embraced the fact that at least 80% of people on that beach have come to walk the dog, and was heaving with happy dogs and kids, and also much nicer than it used to be.

I realised afterwards that I had caught a demonstration of why Rosie needs the muzzle - here is is being pushy with another lurcher, who is backing down but looks clearly upset :-/ .  Rosie was mostly pretty good with the other dogs she met on the beach, and even had a very amicable play with some spaniels,  but she is prone to becoming pushy and grumpy with her own kind, particularly if they are black - I'm not sure if it's overenthusiastic play, or nerves, or a mixture of the two.  She seems to be a little worried about other unfamiliar dogs, so she keeps her distance, and then she makes up her mind to go in to greet, runs up waaaay too fast, and then loses her nerve and gets growly. No social skills, I know how she feels! DSC05265

She'd been getting on well with this one when he was in the middle of a big crowd of spaniels, but just briefly at the end she got him on his own and tried to drive him into the sea *sigh*. Yes, I have a pretty pink-nosed princess colour-prejudiced dog.   But on the whole, her interactions with other dogs were pretty good today, so there is nothing to do but keep working on it. In theory at least, the more practice she gets interacting with other dogs, the better she should get, and Brythen is (at least in this area!) a good example.  In fact, sometimes he intercepts her when she decides to charge up too fast, although I'm not sure if he is being Super-Brythen saving the day, or if he just thinks she should be playing with HIM.
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