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The Road to New Isengard

Photo workshop went quite well, I think.  My skills may be rudimentary but they were still comfortably better than anyone present, which I always think is the key factor for skills training.  So I may not have taught them All the Things, but they all learned Things they didn't know, at any rate.

In other news, I walked through the Sarumanish quarry the other day, because I felt that experiencing a strange place full of windowless buildings that make bangs and crashes randomly, as if trolls were imprisoned within, would be good practice for the hounds at Coping with the Scary.


Saruman seems to have revised his 'white hand' logo a bit, but it's still recognisable.  It also looks like the Ents are still keeping a careful eye on him.

Some distance down the road, what looks like a House of Mewlips.

In other, other news, I have discovered that it is now possible to buy licorice and cinnamon herb tea.   Why was I not informed of this previously??? 


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25th Feb, 2014 23:05 (UTC)
American/English LJ is dead, really.
The Russian one is liver than all alives.
26th Feb, 2014 13:28 (UTC)
Um... Your account looks kind of real, but this comment seems a bit odd. I was going to hit 'spam' but then I thought possibly this comment is from a hijacked account, so just in case a real person is getting comment notifications, I thought I'd reply.

I may be English, but my LJ is very much alive! :-D
26th Feb, 2014 14:13 (UTC)
I find your post in the top of the foreign accounts (non-Cyrillic).
Look, the top post has 4 comments.
Russian top post usually has more than 500..1000 comments.
It's quite different :)
Especially if you know that English spoken readers quantity must be ten times more than the Russian one.
It is maybe a usual thing that one social network is more popular in one country and another one - in another country.
So, I am speak such thing - English LJ is more dead than alive :)

Edited at 2014-02-26 14:18 (UTC)
26th Feb, 2014 15:12 (UTC)
I'm sorry - I don't understand why you are posting here? This is just my personal blog, read largely by my friends and occasionally family. It isn't locked, so it may have appeared briefly linked somewhere within LJ, but if it appeared in a top ten, that has to be a brief algorithm quirk, just on my own friendslist I can see many journals that are far busier than mine. I'm not competing with them, so this doesn't bother me.

But even if mine was the only English-language blog left on Livejournal - why does that matter to you, and why come here to tell me about it?
26th Feb, 2014 18:40 (UTC)
I like the idea of the last English-language blog left on Livejournal, defiantly posting away although none remain to read it. It's a post-apocalyptic scenario, but a civilised, genteel one: a sort of starter apocalypse, for people who don't like pandemics and zombie-gore.
26th Feb, 2014 19:19 (UTC)
I quite like the idea of bunn.livejournal.com floating like a tiny lifeboat on a vast cyrillic sea, while far in the distance in one direction looms the monstrous continent of Facebook, and rather closer to hand, people peer down at me from the decks of the mighty liner Blogger, and the good ship Dreamwidth goes puffing by with her rainbow funnels. :-D
26th Feb, 2014 19:00 (UTC)
Best wishes.
26th Feb, 2014 09:20 (UTC)
Lovely shots of greenery. You can almost see the ivy growing as you watch...

How are the hounds with disembodied banging noises? Max hates 'em. The guns have been firing out on the Army ranges all this last week - regular distant earth-shaking CRUMP! noises - and Max has been miserable, creeping around with his tail clamped down, giving me reproachful looks...
26th Feb, 2014 13:57 (UTC)
Well, I can't say they are great with them - I've not had Rosie through a November yet, but Brythen is not a fan of fireworks or thunder. He would definitely sympathise with poor Max!

But they don't shake and pant and cram themselves under furniture the way Az used to do when he was young(ish), so I am hopeful that regular not-too-intense exposure to things like walking past the quarry accompanied by lots of treats and positive experiences will desensitise them a bit.

I've been taking them into the local towns whenever I can get organised to do so, because they aren't very used to people and traffic and built-up areas either, and ideally I'd like to get both of them to the point where I was with Mollydog, of having at least one reliable, robust and confident dog before I foster again. It's much easier to work on one set of problems at a time!

Could you have a little pile of sausage or something, and make the 'crump' sound a predictor for amazing food falling from the sky?

Just thinking that Rosie was very alarmed by the 'pop' noise our gas fire makes when it turns on, and to begin with she would run away and hide when we did it, but she soon learned that the gas fire was delightful to bask by once the pop was over, and now she sits in front of it making TURN THE FIRE ON faces. :-D
26th Feb, 2014 18:05 (UTC)
Could you have a little pile of sausage or something, and make the 'crump' sound a predictor for amazing food falling from the sky?

Thanks! That's got to be worth a try... Max thoroughly approves of sossidge falling from the sky.

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