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Sword at Sunset : the play?


Apparently so.  I imagine that such a fat (and on places, let's face it, slow) book must have needed a fair bit of pruning, but I wish I was close enough/could spare the time to go and see what they made of it! 


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17th Feb, 2014 21:26 (UTC)
Interesting. It sounds as though he's hewing as close to the spirit of the book as possible, but because of what I know of Artos's issues with women, I'm not sure that would be a selling point for me. I wonder how it will play with an audience who might not all be Sutcliff fans.
17th Feb, 2014 22:18 (UTC)
It's certainly an ambitious project, and not the most popular of Sutcliff's works - on the other hand, I suppose Arthuriana always has an inbuilt audience.
17th Feb, 2014 22:03 (UTC)
Wow. I reread it recently and am boggling at the idea of its being distilled to a reasonable running time.

I like the battles better than the characters in SAS tbh, but I'd be very curious to see what they did with it. Student productions seem to turn up on YouTube fairly often, so maybe we'll get the chance.
17th Feb, 2014 22:14 (UTC)
Ooh yes - I'd missed that they were hoping to film it. Must remember to check on that.

I agree - what a work to choose! Ambitious!
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18th Feb, 2014 09:21 (UTC)
Surely it must have been mercilessly trimmed... I hope you will give us a full report!

One thing I love about this is that people are *still* reading Sutcliff and doing ridiculously uncommercial medieval history degrees that will lead to No Job as a result. I did that! Go James Beagon, I hope he *never* regrets it!

(I looked wistfully at my calendar to try to work out if I could make it up to Edinburgh for this, but tragically, I have a mountain of work and not enough money. Oh well. )
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18th Feb, 2014 15:31 (UTC)
Oh, hello!
I'm in Cornwall - it would be a hell of a trek from here, even if the railway line wasn't currently in the sea. :-( I maybe *could* drive to Tiverton and take the train from there but it would be 9+ hours each way and 187 quid, so alas, I can't see it happening. Woe!

Hope you have a brilliant time, I assume you will be reviewing it on the blog, so I'll keep a lookout for that!
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