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Making Hazelnut Syrup

Decided to give this hazelnut syrup recipe a try. It would have made sense to do this in the autumn when I could have picked the hazelnuts, but I didn't get around to it then so I bought a bag of them instead. I adapted the recipe to use:

400g Sugar
400ML Water
200g Hazelnuts

... basically because that's what I had in the house, but I think next time round I might try with a nice brown sugar.

Then I roasted the nuts at 160C for about 15 minutes, I think - it was quicker than I expected, although I suppose I had pre-heated the oven, I reckoned that when they had turned browner and the skins were crumbly, they were done.

Rolling the nuts in a teatowel to get the skins off was surprisingly good fun, and they smelled amazing, drawing Pp over to join in. Some of the nuts were awkward recusant types that required more vigorous rubbing to get the skins off.

Then I rolled the nuts in their teatowel with a rolling pin until they were mostly chunks, warmed the sugar and water till the sugar dissolved - then I added the nuts and boiled them.

This went much much quicker than the recipe suggested - perhaps because of the smaller quantities in a fairly large pan. It was only a few minutes before there was a thick, treacly syrup which set with extreme prejudice when dripped on a cold plate. Eek! Best add more water! I'm not sure how much we added but eventually we had a substance that was syruppy rather than a young toffee, which could be strained through a sieve into jars.

That left a pile of sugary nuts, which I opted to add some more water to and warm a little, so as to get more syrup off them. They were still sweet and rather delicious. I had intended to cook with them, but in the end I just ate them as snacks.

The syrup is definitely nutty, although I don't think the nutty taste is as strong as with a commercial syrup. Possibly I should not have added the water at the end, or should have let them boil more slowly. Still, end result, I have hazelnut syrup to put in my coffee (and for Pp to put in a milkshake) so on the whole, success!
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