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Garden progress

Today I ate my first apple of the year from the garden.  It wasn't quite quite ripe, but it was still quite sweet and flavourful.  And it's only the 3rd of August!  I had my first squash as well (Spaghetti Square Pyjamas!), and the peppers have started to turn a lovely orange.   Only the ones that are in pots on the shelving in the greenhouse have really done well: the ones in the ground don't look anything like so good.

 The fig tree needs a prune, but is covered in figs, and the grape vine is doing really well.  I shall have to work out what to do with all those grapes: winemaking seems like just too much hassle on such a small scale, but...

The raspberries didn't do quite so well, alas (not helped by Mollydog's nefarious activities) but I did get a few bowlsful.  It's all a bit overgrown up there: I'd say I needed to take the strimmer to it, only the pumpkins and squashes have grown through it all now, so it will have to wait!

I'm off to the Wag & Bone show tomorrow.  I'm not taking the dogs: Az was far too weirded out by that little show in Exeter: there's no way he'd cope with a big event like this.

Feeling a bit tense about work at the moment, but I am planning to forget that totally from 2pm tomorrow and worry about something else for a change!
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