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Very thin dog

Another visit to the vet with Az yesterday. He is slowly getting thinner and tireder and wobblier. The vet feels that he has probably either got Cushings syndrome or an internal growth - possibly both. That's in addition to his failing back legs, and his knackered heart. The vet I saw has the commendable attitude that the old don't get sick just of old age, but of specific problems that may be treatable - but advised that for a dog with all three problems who is also now terribly thin, there is not a lot more that can be done.  He had a blood test a couple of months ago, which showed nothing.

The vet suggested a urine test, which might just indicate something that can be helped for a little while by steroids. I'm doubtful, but I'll take a jamjar of pee in tomorrow anyway.  But the vet agreed that as long as Az wants walks and can stand on his own and walk up steps, he's got a quality of life that is more or less acceptable.  As the vet said, it's not like this has happened suddenly, Az has had  time to adjust to his more limited life.  And he does still prance a little, and pull his cheeky face, and wag sometimes. 

Maybe a few more weeks wobbling slowly around the hilltop?



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(Deleted comment)
17th Jan, 2014 15:13 (UTC)
That coat covers a multitude of evils - it was a bit warmer the day I took him to the vet, so I took him in without it, and there were a lot of people turning and looking at him and making shocked whispers, thinking he was some terrible abuse case.

Perhaps I should make him a sign to carry saying 'I'm very, VERY old!'
16th Jan, 2014 23:49 (UTC)
He looks very content. It is hard watching beloved pets failing.I'm having similiar problems with my old cat.Hope you have a while longer together.
17th Jan, 2014 15:14 (UTC)
It's hard to decide what point on the slow decline is the point where you need to say 'enough' isn't it?

Best wishes for you and ancient cat for a gentle easy end, and not too soon...
17th Jan, 2014 22:57 (UTC)
Thank you.
17th Jan, 2014 06:19 (UTC)
I do hope he gets a few more on the hilltops.

*hugs you*

*pats Az*
17th Jan, 2014 15:44 (UTC)
Well, he had his nose down a few holes this morning!
17th Jan, 2014 07:07 (UTC)
I just love that last photo. Az has such a pretty face. Here's hoping you'll be together a while longer.
17th Jan, 2014 15:09 (UTC)
He's very handsome with his huge greyhoundy eyes and white face - I love his slightly cheeky expression in that one!
17th Jan, 2014 13:01 (UTC)
He does still look to be enjoying his wobbles round the hill and a comfy snooze on his nice fleecy blanket, bless him... I hope we get a nice bit of sunshine soon for him to enjoy too.
17th Jan, 2014 13:22 (UTC)
Believe it or not, we've had a fair bit of sun over the past couple of days. In between the hailstorms, of course...

He seems to enjoy a bit of nudity, hence the shocking Naked Dog shots :-D but I feel that being so thin he really should be cold, so I insisted he put his coat back on after a bit.
18th Jan, 2014 20:06 (UTC)
Beautiful dog. I'm glad you've been able to give him a good life.
19th Jan, 2014 21:02 (UTC)
Gorgeous old thing. It's heart breaking watching them get old. He is so loved and that is so important xxxx
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