bunn (bunn) wrote,

I STILL don't care much for Facebook.

I suppose I really have to have a facebook account - people expect it in my line of business, and it's kind of useful for volunteering, and yes, OK it's nice to see the occasional update or share a little with those random souls that I don't have any other contact details for, but none the less have a vague feeing of warmth towards. And it's sometimes interesting to see updates from organisations and businesses whose work interests me.

But a social medium which has such enormous breadth of membership, where the lines are so blurred between the professional, the commercial, and the personal is ... awkward. Uncomfortable. Having had a good think about it, I've concluded that it's just not a space where I feel very safe expressing myself. Every time I post something that isn't a generic message 'happy new year!' or a dog photo, I end up regretting it.

NY Resolution : Less Facebook.
Tags: resolutions, social media, someone is wrong on the internet, things that make you go hmmm

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